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After-school meetings

Myth :  I have to attend as many meetings after school as are listed in the school calendar. 

Fact : You may be advised that this is the expectation of teachers at the school in which you teach, however, this statement is not technically correct.

The only meetings you are required to attend outside school hours are staff meetings.

Under the terms of the Education (General Provisions) Act, the principal has the capacity to direct teachers to attend meetings outside rostered duty time, provided that they are founded in need – not just for the sake of having a meeting. This is the only meeting you are required to attend. 

For part-time teachers, there are no requirements to attend school staff meetings on days they are not rostered to work. (More information about part-time teaching is on the DETE policy page)

Myth :  There is no limit to the length or number of after-school STAFF meetings. 

Fact : In theory, there is no limit to staff meetings; but in long-term practice, the QTU believes members should not spend more than one hour per week in meetings outside rostered duty time. Not all schools have weekly meetings, so this time can be averaged out over a fortnight or month if schools have less frequent staff meetings.

The key is a test of reasonableness: is there a real need and purpose for the time spent in staff meetings? If you believe that expectations are not reasonable, discuss the issue with your colleagues and school leader/s to reach a reasonable compromise; the issue could also be considered by the Local Consultative Committee.

The QTU’s stance is part of QTU Policy – Working Conditions – section 11.

Section 7 (2) (a) of the Education (General Provisions) Regulation 2006 provides the legislative basis for a principal to request teachers to attend staff meetings:

“the principal may require the staff member –

(a) to attend a staff meeting outside the period allocated for instruction on a school day.”

[Information updated 4 June 2014]