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Asserting my working rights

Myth :  If I try to assert my working rights I’ll be put on MUP and lose my job.

Fact : A teacher’s performance is measured against the duties and responsibilities in the role description, not how they assert their industrial rights.

The QTU believes that DET would not support any attempt to implement a MUP where a teacher has been asserting his/her industrial and/or professional rights. DET’s  Managing Unsatisfactory Performance [MUP] policy includes the following.

“Prior to implementing a MUP process, it is assumed that the state school teacher is aware of expectations of their performance and performance development as conveyed through:

    • recruitment, selection and induction programs for state school teachers
    • the state school teacher role description
    • the Annual Peformance Review
    • performance feedback from the principal and the state school teacher’s supervisor/s with respect to the state school teacher’s performance.”

There are also legislative protections through the Industrial Relations Act 1999 preventing discrimination against an employee for becoming or remaining a member of a union, while the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 states that it is unlawful to discriminate against someone on the basis of trade union activity. 

The state government’s code of conduct does not prevent public sector employees from exercising their industrial rights.

[Information updated 23 November 2016]