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Data collection

Myth : We need to collect more academic data (for example, through new testing regimes and short-term data cycles) if we are going to meet the expectations of the Department of Education and Training.

Fact :  The only academic data that has to be collected and placed by teachers on OneSchool is the student achievement level data in each subject area required for mandatory reporting to parents at least twice a year

Data expectations about collecting, analysing and responding to data are clearly set out in the QTU/DET joint statement “The purpose and use of data in Queensland schools”.

Each school should have a data plan that has been established through consultation via the Local Consultative Committee (LCC). The focus should always be on data that relates to the curriculum being taught within the classroom, and teachers’ and school leaders’ workloads must always be considered (whether data decisions are being made at the school, regional or departmental levels).

Other data including attendance data, behaviour issues and parent contact may also be required to be placed on OneSchool

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[Information updated 7 February 2017]