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Extra-curricular events and MUP

Myth :  If I don’t volunteer for extra-curricular events, my professionalism will be questioned and I will be on MUP.

Fact : Neither the duties and responsibilities of teachers in their generic role description nor the “Managing Unsatisfactory Performance  -  State School Teachers" [MUP] policy mention any required participation in extra-curricular activities. Attendance at and participation in these events is voluntary.

The vast majority of teachers do participate in extra-curricular activities, but there is a range of legitimate reasons which may arise during a teacher’s career that could cause them to choose to reduce such involvement.

The QTU believes that DET would not support a MUP process based on a teacher’s lack of involvement in such activities.

The MUP policy states that teachers are responsible and accountable for:

  • effective and efficient teaching and learning practices in their classroom/s or other work areas
  • student outcomes
  • their own performance, including performance development and responding to and addressing performance concerns
  • maintenance of relevant documentation, including but not limited to that related to lesson planning and preparation, curricula, testing/assessment, policy/procedure and professional development
  • their own professional development through their positive engagement with the Developing Performance Framework
  • seeking assistance from their colleagues, heads of program and school leaders if they are experiencing difficulties
  • compliance with relevant legislation
  • actively participating in the process
  • responding to and addressing performance concerns
  • identifying resources and assistance, in consultation with the principal, for the purpose of addressing performance concerns and meeting performance goals
  • maintaining current teacher registration.

[Information updated 17 April 2014]