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Individual curriculum plans

Q: Do we need to develop individual curriculum plans for every child in our class who is underperforming?

A: No – individual curriculum plans (ICPs), previously known as Individual Learning Plans (ILPs), are only required when a student is performing below or above the year-level expectations for a whole learning area or for all learning areas (that is, across the whole curriculum).

The plans are developed in collaboration with the relevant school officers (e.g. principal, ST(LaN), guidance officer, HOC, HOD, HOSES or deputy principal) and must have the approval of parents/carers. ICPs are very detailed documents requiring collaborative development, parental approval and twice yearly revision.

It is important to note that judgements are to be made on the student’s performance, not on the student’s characteristics.

The QTU and the Department have agreed on a joint statement on differentiation and planning for individual students including individual curriculum plans, which is available on the QTU website.

 More information is in the DET documents::

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 [information updated June 2017]