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Mandatory training

Myth: We have to do mandatory training (e.g. student protection, code of conduct) in our own time.

Fact : It is unreasonable to expect teachers to undertake mandatory training modules, including online training, in their own time.

There is an annual requirement for all teachers to complete mandatory training modules in a number of areas, including the code of conduct, WH&S, and student protection. However, departmental policy clearly states that this mandatory training is an "inherent requirement" of the teaching role and as such may occur during working hours. 

While it is usual custom and practice for schools to maximise student-free days to allow teachers the time to complete any mandatory training modules, it may be necessary for schools to provide additional time during working hours to complete this mandatory training. 

Some schools may offer mandatory training in lieu of a staff meeting, which is acceptable if teachers have been consulted and agree to it.

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[Information updated 2 Feb 2017]