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Parental leave and return to part-time work

Myth : I am returning from parental leave, but my school has told me it already has enough part-time teachers and I will have to wait until Day 8 to see if they can fit me in.

Fact : There is no quota for part-time teachers across the state school system or in individual schools. DETE’s part-time teaching policy (on the policy and procedure register ) states that all applications must be considered, based on “the inherent requirements of the position”. It also states that preference for part-time employment will be given to employees with family responsibilities.

DETE’s policy page contains an excellent decision making flowchart  to balance the employment preference of the teacher with the requirements of the role. This includes options such as job-share arrangements, part-time employment for a defined period of time, and advice on what is desirable for a role but not necessary.

Women returning from parental leave who have their request denied, or are asked to wait an unreasonable period of time for a response, should contact the QTU for further advice and assistance.

[Information updated 17 April 2014]