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Part-time school administrators

Myth : School administrators can only work full-time, and don’t have access to flexible work arrangements. 

Fact : DET’s permanent part-time policy applies to promotional positions, as well as teaching positions. A number of industrial instruments make it clear that applications to work part-time after parental leave must not be unreasonably refused.

Principals seeking part-time work should apply to the human resource manager in their regional office. HODs, HOCs, HOSES and deputy principals should apply to the principals of their current school – applications can identify suitable job-share partners, including classroom teachers who could perform the role as higher duties. If part-time arrangements cannot be accommodated in the current school, associate administrators may apply for relocation to a different school (but only on a permanent full-time basis) and attempt to negotiate part-time arrangements at the new school.

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[Information updated July 2017]