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Profiling in the classroom

Q: Last week, my HOD came in to my classroom unannounced and has advised me that she has profiled my lesson. Should I have been consulted about this? What rights do I have regarding being profiled?

A. The whole basis/premise of profiling is that the teacher 'invites' the profiler into the classroom. Only trained profilers should undertake profiling of teachers. Trained profilers sign a 'Profilers Code' which involves keeping information confidential between the teacher and the profiler which is the subject of a reflective conversation between the teacher and the profiler. 

Teacher profiling is intended to be a non-judgmental and collegial process; its purpose is to help teachers reflect on the effectiveness of strategies they use in the classroom.
The introduction of profiling into the school would be a matter for the LCC. As profiling involves classroom observation, the practice of profiling would also fall under the auspices of the “Joint statement on collegial engagement in classrooms”.

More information on classroom observations is in the QTU fact checker on walk-throughs.

 [ information updated Nov 2015]