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Sick leave and MUP

Myth :  I had a migraine and had to take sick leave. My deputy had told me that I had to send in work for my class, but I couldn’t stand, let alone turn on a computer and email in work for the students.

I have now been told that because I didn’t leave this work I will be put on MUP.

Fact : The Department’s MUP policy states that unsatisfactory performance will be the subject of ongoing informal performance feedback between the teacher and the principal. Not complying with the deputy’s request in this case is not a performance issue and does not meet this policy requirement.

The request is just that, a request, it cannot be considered a mandatory request or a lawful direction pursuant to the code of conduct.

A teacher in such a situation should ask the deputy principal to put the decision in writing.

The QTU suspects this will not happen, but if it did this case would be referred directly to DET for resolution. The QTU believes DET would not advise the deputy principal or principal to initiate a MUP in this situation.

[Information updated 17 April 2014]