9 May 2018 : Turnbull’s Budget fails our children

“A government that can find $65 billion for corporate tax cuts can surely find the funding required to ensure every child gets a high quality education."<br /><em> AEU Federal President Correna Haythorpe </em>

30 Apr 2018 AEU Media Release: Gonski report recommendations highlight the critical importance of investing in public schools

The Australian Education Union (AEU) says recommendations in the Through Growth to Achievement Report of the Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools released today require significant resources, yet PM Malcolm Turnbull has cut $1.9 billion funding to public schools over the next two years alone.

8 March 2018 :Overfunded private schools spend hundreds of millions on new buildings while public schools miss out: new My School data

10 Feb 2018 AEU Media Release : Birmingham’s new announcement to slash teacher registration standards an outrage

This announcement to undermine teacher registration and encourage people from other professions to move into a teaching role will have broad ramifications for teaching and education in our schools if implemented.

5 May 2017 AEU Media Release: Greens must oppose Turnbull's funding model

No political party that supports equity or fair funding of schools should support Malcolm Turnbull’s new schools funding model, the AEU said today.

4 May 2017 AEU media release: Birmingham admits new plan won't give all students the resources they need

Education Minister Simon Birmingham has admitted that there is no guarantee schools will reach the Schooling Resource Standard under the Turnbull Government’s new funding model.

4 May 2017 AEU media release: Voters prefer Gonski to 'out of touch' Turnbull's company tax cuts

A clear majority of voters in the Coalition’s 20 most marginal seats want Malcolm Turnbull to reverse his cuts to Gonski funding and believe it is far more important for Australia’s future than his plan for a $48 billion corporate tax cut.

4 May 2017 AEU media release: Turnbull's one year funding commitment won't end preschool uncertainty

Today’s announcement that the Turnbull Government will extend preschool funding to the end of 2018 won’t end the sector’s long-term uncertainty.

3 May 2017 AEU media release: Turnbull's Gonski chaos will short change students

Malcolm Turnbull’s latest policy on schools funding will leave schools with billions of dollars of resources less than they need, and is no substitute for honouring the six-year Gonski agreements in full, the AEU said today.

5 April 2017 : Collapse of his funding model means Turnbull must honour Gonski agreements

AEU media release, 5 April 2017

6 July 2016 AEU Media Release: Crossbenchers must back Gonski as polls show public supports it

The AEU has called on Independent and minor party MPs to stand up for Gonski funding in any negotiations over forming government in the wake of Saturday’s election....

30 June 2016 AEU media release: Coalition still has no Gonski alternative

With just days to go before the Federal election, the Coalition has no vision for schools beyond cuts to needs-based Gonski funding after 2017.

16 June 2016 AEU media release: On National TAFE Day, TAFEs need 70 percent funding guarantee

Today’s National TAFE Day sees public vocational education in Australia still under threat and emphasises the importance of guaranteeing TAFEs the 70 per cent share of VET funding they need.

1 June 2016 : AEU media release : New report shows Gonski needed to fight inequality in schools

16 May 2016 AEU media release: New analysis shows government funding increases to private schools double those of public schools

The importance of the full six years of needs-based Gonski funding has been highlighted by a new AEU analysis showing government funding to private schools has increased at twice the rate of public schools.

7 May 2016 AEU media release: New report shows how Gonski funding is lifting student results

Gonski funding is delivering improved results for students. The 'Getting Results: Gonski funding in Australia’s schools' report, profiles 24 schools which have used needs-based Gonski funding to lift student performance.

3 May 2016 AEU media release: Turnbull’s Budget fails fairness test and abandons disadvantaged students

Today’s federal budget has confirmed that Malcolm Turnbull will abandon needs-based Gonski funding and turn his back on disadvantaged schools and their students.

26 Feb 2016 AEU media release: AEU to back Gonski with new TV advertising campaign

The AEU will spend $2 million on Free-to-Air TV advertising as part of its campaign to secure bi-partisan support for the full six years of needs-based Gonski funding.

28 Jan 2016 AEU media release: Turnbull must match Labor's commitment to full Gonski

The AEU today welcomed Labor's commitment to delivering the full six years of needs-based Gonski funding to our schools and called on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to match it.

26 Oct 2015 AEU media release: Gonski Week shows extra funding making a positive difference in schools

Gonski Week (Oct 26 - Nov 1) starts today celebrating the difference Gonski funding is making to schools and the need for governments to provide the full six years of needs-based funding recommended by the Gonski Review....

23 Oct 2015 AEU Media release: Birmingham must deliver extra disability funding not cuts

The AEU has called on new Education Minister Simon Birmingham to meet the Federal Government’s commitment to properly fund all students with disability, not cut funding....

23 July 2015 : Leaders must embrace Gonski and not abandon TAFE

22 July 2015 AEU Media release : Leaders Retreat needs to deliver on full six-years of Gonski agreements

We need the States to continue to push for the full six years of needs-based Gonski funding to ensure that all students have access to a quality education. We need to close the gaps in resources that are holding students back.

22 Jun 2015 AEU Media Release : Abbott plan to end free public education must be rejected

The AEU today called on state and territory governments to reject the Abbott Government’s reported proposals to stop funding public schools or force many parents to pay to send their children to them.

28 May 2015 AEU Media Release : Public Education Day sees no certainty for schools on Gonski or disability funding

"We need the full six years of the needs-based Gonski reforms to ensure that all schools reach minimum resourcing standards."

14 May 2015 AEU Media Release : Labor's plan to increase specialist teachers a good start, but we need full Gonski funding

13 May 2015 AEU Media Release : Budget abandons promise to students with disability, confirms real cuts to schools by ending Gonski funding

7 May 2015 AEU Media Release : Pyne's teacher training funding no substitute for Gonski or workforce planning

Christopher Pyne’s announcement today of $17 million to improve teacher training will do little to address the damage its cuts to Gonski funding would do to schools, the AEU said today.

24 Mar 2015 : Abbott must keep his promise to fund disability in schools

New research by the AEU has found that eight out of ten principals do not have the resources they need to educate growing numbers of students with disability...

17 Dec 2014 AEU Media Release : Statement on school massacre in Pakistan

The AEU wishes to express its shock at the massacre of over 100 students and teachers at a school in Pakistan and its solidarity with the families of the victims and the school community.

12 Oct 2014 AEU Media Release: Curriculum review proves to be a waste of time which will do nothing to improve schools

9 July 2014 : Senate inquiry backs six years of Gonski funding

AEU Dep. Federal President Correna Haythorpe said........... the findings of the inquiry reflected the views of thousands of teachers, students and principals who had made submissions calling for the Gonski funding to be delivered in full

16 June 2014 - AEU Media Release: New research shows Abbott’s cuts to Gonski funding will rip $2.67 billion out of public school

New research shows Abbott’s cuts to Gonski funding will rip $2.67 billion out of public schools – equivalent to 20,000 teachers

30 Aug 2013 AEU Media release : Abbott plan rips over $5B out of NT, WA & Qld public shools

The Coalition has left public schools in Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland entirely out in the cold on schools funding says the AEU Federal President...

29 Aug 2013 AEU Media Release : Coalition Education Policy – Funding Fail

The Australian Education Union has slammed the Coalition’s education announcement as a disappointing sleight of hand.

2 Aug 2013 AEU Media release : Coalition moves to election fix on schools by backing Gonski 

The Australian Education Union has said the Coalition’s announcement today shows just how important schools funding is in this election, but that many questions remain on Coalition education policy.

23 Apr 2013 AEU Media Release : O'Farrell leads on Gonski - other states must follow

The Australian Education Union has welcomed the news today of the NSW State Government committing to the Gonski schools funding reforms in that state

21 Apr 2013 AEU Media Release : Abbott needs to do his homework on Australian schools

The Australian Education Union has today condemned Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s promise to scrap Gonski if elected.

19 Apr 2013 AEU Media Release : Premiers fail to put children first at COAG

Following the COAG meeting today, the Australian Education Union said that indecision by premiers and Chief Ministers on Gonski will only firm the resolve of parents, teachers and principals to keep up the campaign until schools funding reform is achieved.

30 May 2013 : ACT joins NSW and signs on to Gonski – now for the rest (AEU media release)

4 Aug 2013 AEU Media Release : Victoria resists Abbott pressure and signs up to Gonski

The Australian Education Union has said Tony Abbott’s efforts to derail Gonski negotiations are coming unstuck with the news that Victoria has signed up to a six year Gonski agreement with the Commonwealth.

25 Nov 2013 : Abbott wants to deny vital Gonski funds to schools - AEU

The Australian Education Union has slammed the Abbott Government’s efforts to walk away from their election commitment to Gonski.

Turnbull must deliver on Gonski after revealing Government is considering full six years of funding

We need Gonski resources to continue progress in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education

AEU Federal President Correna Haythorpe said that despite some positive news, the gaps in results for Indigenous students remained a matter of national concern and required the full six years of Gonski funding

Coalition's new funding model a distraction from its Gonski cuts

"– what is needed is to lift our overall investment in schools and target the extra funds to addressing disadvantage” <em>AEU Federal President Correna Haythorpe </em>

Good riddance to VET FEE-HELP, Governments now must invest in TAFEs

“The flawed VET FEE-HELP scheme went hand in hand with cuts to government funding for TAFEs. With VET FEE-HELP gone we need state and federal governments to restore funding to TAFEs to ensure Australians have access to quality vocational training." “

28 Oct 2016 :World Teachers' Day

Governments must address growing workloads or lose teachers

Turnbull’s cuts agenda failed to convince State Ministers