F = fail

Visitors to the QTU website over the Christmas break have overwhelmingly given the Queensland Government an “F for fail” on a range of actions and policies that already have, or are proposed to, directly affect QTU members.

Asked to give a mark from A to E – or F if they thought it should be an outright fail – the vast majority of respondents gave the government an F for each of the following. Most unpopular were the first three listed.

  1. Proposed teacher rankings based on student test data, classroom observations and student and parent ratings.
  2. Teacher bonuses linked to the proposed new teacher ranking system.
  3. A bungled and confused “deal” with the new Federal Government funding, which gives no certainty that schools will be funded according to students’ needs.
  4. Oversized classes resulting from the government’s shortfall in funding for staff.
  5. Proposals to force school leaders onto fixed-term, “performance-based” contracts.
  6. Massive increases in TAFE course fees because of a lack of government funding for the public provider.
  7. Six state schools closed for no defensible reason.
  8. New IR laws that attempt to gag unions with onerous red tape.

21 Jan 2014