28 October 2010

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

This World Teachers Day (29 October), what better way could there be to show your appreciation for the hard work our children's teachers do every day than to back the campaign to secure state schools a fair slice of the funding cake?

Our state school teachers do a fantastic job bringing a first class education within the reach of all Queensland's children, whatever their background. But the current federal government funding model is starving state schools of badly needed resources and has to be changed if investment is to be directed to where it's needed most. State schools currently receive only 35 per cent of federal government education funding, even though they are responsible for almost 70 per cents of enrolments. How can that be fair?

It's time to give our state school teachers and principals the resources they need to keep building a successful and vibrant future for our state. Visit www.forourfuture.org.au and have your say now.

Steve Ryan
Queensland Teachers' Union