29 Oct 2012 : Teachers accept Government offer

3 Oct 2012 : Teachers to vote on new Government offer

The QTU will ballot members on a revised offer made by the State Government during enterprise bargaining negotiations. The offer retains the 2.7 per cent per annum over three years wage increase made in the Government’s previous offer, but no longer requires conditions to be removed from enforceable industrial instruments and turned into matters of “policy”.

20 Sep 2012 : Teachers and principals vote for industrial action

Queensland state school teachers and principals have voted to take industrial action in protest against the Queensland Government’s single “take it or leave it” enterprise bargaining offer that ties a 2.7 per cent pay rise to the stripping away of more than 20 working conditions.

12 Sep 2012 : Devils emerge from education budget detail

11 Sep 2012 : Education's flatline budget fails to excite

20 Aug 2012 : Third rally to say: teachers’ conditions are not for sale, anywhere

30 July 2012 : Teachers rally to say "No can do"

10 July 2012 : Queensland educators give a Gonski

Queensland Teachers’ Union members and officers will meet with Prime Minister Julia Gillard and senior Federal Government Ministers before today’s community cabinet at Redbank Plains State High School to highlight the very real benefits that would flow from a new schools funding model.

19 June 2012 :Teachers rally for education’s future

Media release: Teachers, principals and student teachers will hold an after-school rally outside Parliament House tomorrow (Wednesday, 20 June) to send a clear message to the Queensland Government that its enterprise bargaining offer threatens the future of education in this state.

20 Mar 2012 : Promises, promises – QTU releases party report card

6 Mar 2012 : Teachers and principals give Newman "F"

30 Jan 2012 : Data misuse halts school audits

18 Jan 2012 : Queensland teachers have a new advocate

12 Jan 2012 : Teachers' tips on easing back to school

2012 Qld Election Report Card

3 Sep 2012 : Queensland teachers glad that Gillard gives a Gonski

<em>The model represents a fundamental change that recognises the value to the nation of investing in education for all children, particularly those children with greater needs.</em>