Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Teachers to vote on new Government offer

The Queensland Teachers’ Union will ballot its members on whether they accept a revised offer made by the State Government during enterprise bargaining negotiations.
The offer retains the 2.7 per cent per annum over three years wage increase made in the Government’s previous offer, but no longer requires conditions to be removed from enforceable industrial instruments and turned into matters of “policy”. The proposed wage freeze for beginning teachers has also been removed from the offer.
QTU President Kevin Bates said the critical difference between this and the previous offer – which had been overwhelmingly rejected in a QTU member ballot in June – was that teaching conditions would remain protected.
“Teaching conditions equal learning conditions, and QTU members knew they were worth too much to lose,” Mr Bates said.
“Existing conditions such as class size targets, remote area incentives and the teacher transfer system will remain protected in the teachers’ agreement if members vote to accept this offer, while emerging issues including the working conditions associated with Independent Public Schools will be defined in memoranda of agreement, negotiated between the Department of Education, Training and Employment and the QTU on behalf of its 44,000 members.”
The 24-hour work stoppage proposed for 16 October and a range of work bans will not proceed while the QTU ballots its members over the next few weeks.
The QTU’s Executive met last night to discuss the offer, and has recommended that QTU members vote to accept it.
For more information:
Kevin Bates (President) ph 3512 9000
Media ph 3512 9000 or 0400 500 393