4 Dec 2013 : What PISA really tells us

29 Nov 2013 : Public schools target of Federal Government cuts to education!

26 Nov 2013 : We need the truth on the Gonski reforms

Deal or no deal is not the question. We need the truth on Gonski.

21 Nov 2013 : A rallying cry

7 Nov 2013 : Queensland's Gonski deal - you won it. Now the devil's in the detail.

Queensland has signed up for a truncated Gonski school funding deal with the new coalition federal government.

1 Nov 2013 : New discipline powers miss the mark

22 Oct 2013 : Class sizes matter to teachers, principals and parents

4 September 2013 : There's a (not so) fine line between pleasure and Pyne...

The person likely to be the Education Minister if a Coalition government is elected on Saturday has a noteworthy record of problematic views on our profession...

30 Aug 2013 : It's the (kind of) autonomy, stupid

The federal Coalition’s policy for schools released this week typifies what we can now expect in election campaigns – a great deal of rhetoric, but very little detail.

29 August 2013 : WA and Qld - opposite sides of the country, but really that far apart?

The news from WA has become increasingly worrying over the past week or so, and we in Queensland must hope we do not end up in the same dire straits.

21 August 2013 : When a school closure is not a school closure!

State government's approach to school closures: Measured and respectful or ham-fisted?

13 Aug 2013 : TAFE and the election

12 Aug 2013 ; Will uncertainty persist for threatened schools until 8 Sept?

29 July 2013 : Minister all tied up in red tape

Comments from the Queensland Education Minister over the weekend, issued in a media release as is his want, reveal an interesting twist in the education funding debate...

26 July 2013 : Waiting for Damocles!

19 July 2013 : How not to make an announcement

Today, Premier Campbell Newman and Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek made announcements that will be welcomed by school communities.

13 July 2013 : QTU welcomes news of positive talks on funding reforms

8 July 2013 : Congratulations, Gandu Jarjum, in NAIDOC Week

14 June 2013 : What does Gonski mean for your local school and community?

6 June 2013 : One day, two bills, light years apart

Wednesday, 5 June saw two new pieces of legislation passed by two different levels of government - one federal, one state

27 May 2013 : TAFE is a community asset too!

As the State Government moves to close and sell off eight schools, we must not lose sight of the fact that they are intent on the closure and sale of 38 TAFE campuses across the state

23 May 2013 : Lack of trust fuels education asset confusion

The Education Minister’s announcement on 22 May that 10 new schools will be built from Gold Coast to Caboolture has met with very mixed public reaction...

21 May 2013 : Let's not run this idea up the flagpole...

The Queensland Premier wanting "kids to study state plan" raises some interesting points about the place of politics in the classroom.

15 May 2013 : One big step for Gonski, and a huge leap for schools

As eagerly anticipated, and now confirmed, the Federal Government has committed $9.8b over six financial years to its National Plan for School Improvement

14 May 2013 : Federal budget preview

10 May 2013 : Will WorkChoices rise from the ashes?

8 May 3013 : Celebrating the past, building on the future

QTU members are clearly prepared to work with any MP who shows a real commitment to representing the members of their electorates and the education profession ...

4 May 2013 : Consultation should have no “right” answer

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Queensland Government’s approach to consultation is to get the answer it wants – and if it doesn’t, it will ignore any evidence and push through with decisions already made.

19 Mar 2013 : Gonski fuels the education conversation

QTU President Kevin Bates: The Gonski review and recommendations have brought education into sharp focus as a matter of crucial public importance for the nation.

3 May 2013 : School closures - Words of wisdom from The Courier-Mail!

As the “water torture” of school closure rumours creates anxiety and even despair in communities everywhere, it is refreshing to hear words of wisdom from the editor of The Courier-Mail.

29 Apr 2013 : Government must understand true value of educational assets

22 April 2013 : TAFE must soar like an eagle not die like a canary!

19 Apr 2013 : We won't give up on Gonski

The QTU and everyone else in this country who cares about the future of our students will continue to push for the urgent adoption of the Gonski funding model. Together, we can still make it happen...

19 April 2013 : Doesn't work in Florida - won't work here

QTU members continue to question the value and practicalities of the Queensland Government’s proposed new regime for the state’s school teachers and principals...

12 April 2013 : The real con is revealed

12 Mar 2013 : Two tales of teaching

Two stories running in the media over the past few days highlight that there is often a wide gulf between the public and political views of the teaching profession...

5 Mar 2013 : When it's better to get smart than tough

Being seen to get tough on crime might be politically palatable. Supporting children to overcome their issues is socially responsible...

27 Feb 2013 : Gonski – the word is hope, not hoax

QTU President Kevin Bates says recent comments by members of the Queensland Government that the Gonski reforms are "a cruel hoax" are cruel comments that ignore the overwhelming evidence and support for truly needs-based funding...

19 Feb 2013 : PD decree puts policy before practice

When DETE issued a new policy in January restricting all teacher professional development to student free days or outside school hours, it was a classic example of the impact of political meddling in education practice....

15 Feb 2013 : Schools need certainty, not secrecy

8 Feb 2013 : Staffing shortfalls start biting in schools

QTU President Kevin Bates : It seems that members’ worst fears are becoming reality, with reports coming into the Union of prep classes of up to 32, subjects being dropped from high school offerings and contract teachers being “let go” purely due to budgetary constraints...