Information for school leaders:

Principal updates 2009 - 2016

Catch up on Principal update the newsletter with all the latest information for principals in state schools in Queensland, and all copies since 2009... Go to the Principal Updates 2009 - 2016

Recruitment and selection timelines , 2016

Classified teacher recruitment and selection timelines for DPs, HOD/HOSES/HOCs, EST and Guidance officers  for Semester 1, 2016 printable versionSemester-1-2016-TimelinesClassified-Recruitment--Selection.jpg

Legal protection and assistance

The risk of legal action is something school leaders face on a daily basis. That’s why the Queensland Teachers’ Union gives such a high priority to giving its school leader members the best possible legal protection and assistance.

Any legal action, whether it be prosecution or defence, is expensive. Without legal aid, you could face a severe financial setback from which you might never fully recove

The Queensland Teachers’ Union established a legal assistance scheme many years ago in order to protect the legal and industrial rights of more

QTU's Educational Leaders Committee

Education Administrators Committee

The QTU has a standing committee titled the Educational Administrators Committee (EAC) which comprises fifteen principals and associate administrators (DPs, HODs, HOSES). The committee is chaired by Ms Lyn Winch (Principal, Chevallum State School)

The Educational Leaders Committee undertakes the following tasks:

  • provides advice to the QTU Executive on a range of issues relevant to educational administrators and other members;
  • monitors departmental processes such as relocations and merit selection;
  • reviews and develops QTU policy relevant to educational administrators;
  • liaises with other QTU standing committees;
  • oversees the organisation of the annual QTU Educational Administrators Conference.

Any members wishing to have EAC address a specific issue should outline the issue and send it to: 

IPS Updated Oct 2015

IPS selection changes a step in the right direction

The 2016 round of Independent Public Schools (IPS) was announced on November 16 following a comprehensive selection process based on a new methodology. Read more here...

IPS Consultation kit

Download the IPS consultation kit published September 2015

Contents of the kit:

  • IPS – background and update
  • IPS consultation flowchart
  • Follow up checklist
  • Agenda for initial union meeting
  • Local consultative committees and guidelines for small school consultative processes
  • Appendix 1: Workplace position on IPS communication/consultation resolutions
  • Appendix 2: Independent Public Schools ballot return
  • Appendix 3: QTU IPS workplace meeting attendance
  • Appendix 4: IPS report back sheet
  • Memorandum of Agreement
  • Increased school autonomy – QTU Policy
Federal funding

Qld funding moves toward Gonski model

The Queensland Government’s allocation of federal funding to state schools has moved closer to the model of a base level of funding, plus loadings aimed at overcoming students’ educational disadvantage – that is, the model advocated by the Gonski review of schools funding. Read more here...