A survey of QTU Reps that was scheduled to commence on 16 April 2018 has been delayed.  The questionnaire is being finalised and an independent third party selected to run the survey.  Part of the delay is to ensure proper security of the conduct of the survey and the information collected.  They survey will proceed as quickly as possible.

Union Reps

The Union Representative position in schools and workplaces is perhaps the most important of all union positions.

 The Union Rep is often the first point of contact for members in schools and TAFE Institutes seeking information or advice about their working conditions or entitlements.

The Union Rep will often refer members to the extensive range of information and advice brochures available on the QTU website, which contains the answer to those commonly asked member questions.

Under the QTU Constitution and Rules,  the staff of a school/workplace are to be entitled to elect:

  •  two Union Representatives where up to fifteen are appointed to the staff; 
  • an additional Union Rep for each additional fifteen members or part thereof;
    • provided that no fewer than 50% of the Union Reps at a school or workplace shall be female if sufficient candidates nominate for the positions.

The Women’s Contact position in schools and workplaces ceased to exist at the end of 2005, and those members who were women’s contacts in schools, are strongly encouraged to apply for a Union Rep position.

The term for Union Reps is three years. The current term is from 2015 to 2018.

Union training is available for reps. 

Lead Union Reps (formerly Senior Union Reps) are the key union activists in regional areas, and their role includes coordinating local campaigns in conjunction with the QTU Organiser, leading delegations to local members, doing media interviews and attending investigations when the QTU Organiser cannot attend.


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