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Instrumental music teachers/instructors

Update 18 October

During the recent spring vacation, QTU Deputy General Secretary Kate Ruttiman received correspondence from the Department of Education’s Deputy Director-General, which was referred to QTU Executive for a response.  The department’s letter addresses all nine parts of the QTU’s work-to-rule directive.

Executive recommended that QTU members employed as instrumental music teachers and instructor be balloted on lifting the work-to-rule directive.

Accordingly, QTU Executive recommends that QTU members, employed as instrumental music teachers/instructors support lifting the work-to-rule directive. An online ballot will be sent to the email that you have recorded with the QTU and we envisage that this will occur in week three of this term.

To make sure you get to vote in the ballot, check and update your member details, including your email, in seven quick clicks:

  1. Click to visit the QTU webpage at www.qtu.asn.au
  2. Click the “MyQTU” button
  3.  Enter your username and password, then click “Login”
  5. Click “Update Contact”
  6. Update your details and click “Submit”
  7. Remember to click to “Log Out”.

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Work-to-rule directive(effective start of 2019 school-year)

Vote in the Ballot  regarding the lifting of this directive 

Read More : Instrumental music teachers' bulletin 18 October 2019

The work-to-rule directive took effect from the commencement of the 2019 school year.

 The Directive

Instrumental music teachers/instructors who are members of the Queensland Teachers’ Union are hereby directed to work-to-rule in accordance with the conditions of the industrial instruments, including:

  1. accessing their entitlement to a daily 45 minute uninterrupted meal break
  2. not conducting concerts outside of rostered duty time, where such concerts would mean that the instrumental music teacher/instructor will exceed the maximum of 20 concerts
  3. not conducting rehearsals, or associated supervision duties, outside of the hours of 08:00 to 16:00
  4. not preparing or providing samples of student work for moderation, nor attending moderation meetings, nor providing A – E reporting for instrumental music students
  5. not providing data for QCE reporting
  6. not sending recruitment letters, nor showing the recruitment video
  7. aside from mandatory reporting, not providing any reports on OneSchool, including parent contacts
  8. not participating in annual teacher performance meetings, aside from those agreed to at base schools that are in accord with the joint statement
  9. not participating in triads, or any other method of collegial engagement, aside from those in a base school that are in accord with the joint statement.


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