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Master teacher

What is a Master Teacher?

The Master Teacher classification has been created under Great Teacher=Great Results.
The Master Teacher is an additional allocation to a school.

What is the role of the Master Teacher?

The role itself is one that focuses on providing support for the teaching of literacy/numeracy in schools. The Master Teacher role is similar to the role of Literacy and Numeracy coach or Pedagogical coaches. The Master Teacher is to develop teacher capability through:

  • delivering professional development
  • researching and modelling “quality” teaching 
  • coaching teachers
  • providing targeted student support
  • using evidence based assessment to inform teaching and learning
  • supporting staff in analysing and responding to systemic and student data


What is the classification of the Master Teacher?

A Master Teacher will be remunerated at the level of a Head of Curriculum - Stream 2, Band 1 Step 1 (the former Band 5 Step 1).

As at October 2014, the salary for this classification is $3711.00 per fortnight or $96 817 per annum.

If I apply for a position in another region/location do I need to transfer to the new region?

No – the positions are “relieving” positions – i.e. not permanent. Consequently, if you gain a position in another region you will be returned to your substantive location at the end of the appointment.

If I apply for a position in another region/location will I receive relocation expenses to the new region?


Who can apply?

Any teacher who has current full registration or current provisional registration with eligibility for full registration as a teacher in Queensland can apply.

Can temporary teacher apply for Master Teacher?

Yes, all teachers whether permanent or temporary can apply for master teacher.

Do I need to have a Masters qualification to be a Master Teacher?

No. The QTU successfully negotiated the removal of the requirement for a Masters qualification from the position. The QTU supports and encourages all members to undertake professional learning – whether this be in the form of additional study or in the form of ongoing professional development. Master Teacher would be a band 5 classification. Master Teacher is akin to a pedagogical coach, HOC, literacy and numeracy coach and as such introducing a mandatory requirement of an additional qualification for this position would undermine the classification structure.

The QTU acknowledges that a number of members have studied or are studying their masters, however,

we also acknowledge that a number of members aspiring for promotion or indeed at this level currently do not have a masters. As the position is about pedagogy and support for teachers people without a masters should not be excluded from applying or being considered for these roles.

This also impacts on location – master teachers should be available to schools across the state not quarantined to those in which teachers with a masters qualification reside.

What is the classroom teaching allocation of a Master teacher?

Master Teachers will not be classroom teachers and cannot be used for non-contact time release except in extenuating circumstances.

What impact does being a Master teacher have on my accumulation of transfer points and annual salary progression?

As a master teacher you will accrue the transfer points allocated for the location in which you are undertaking the role of master teacher. Additionally your service as a master teacher will continue to contribute to your salary progression through the classification structure.

Where can I find an outline of my conditions of employment as a Master Teacher?

To ensure that members were not disadvantaged in terms of their conditions should they become a Master Teacher, the QTU signed a Memorandum of Agreement with DETE in October 2014.

This MOA outlines:

The hours of duty for a master teacher (25 hours per week)
The roles and functions of a master teacher
Conditions that support clustering arrangements including travel time
The contact time of a master teacher
The responsibility of a master teacher with respect to the provision of non-contact time and bus and playground duty
A copy of the MOA can be found here.

Do I need to serve the full three years as a Master teacher?

Should your circumstances change and you are no longer able to undertake the duties of a master teacher you can apply to end your engagement. If you have received appointment expenses to a new location to undertake the role of master teacher and you leave the position within the three year period you will be required to pay back some or all of your appointment expenses.

Documents and resources

Memorandum of agreement - Master teacher
Master teacher information on  DETA's website
QTU information brochure Master teachers

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