20 May 2016 | Download as pdf

To QTU Members

Modern award – delayed further

 In our last TAFE Award Modernisation Newsflash, we expressed the expectation that the modern award would be made at yesterday’s hearing at the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC). A consent position was reached between TAFE and the unions and was conveyed to the QIRC on the 10 May 2016. 

The making of a modern award would enable us to commence the enterprise bargaining process and negotiate a new certified agreement, as the current Newman-era industrial relations legislation requires a modern award be made before bargaining can commence. 

However, notwithstanding that a consent position had been conveyed to the QIRC, after close of business on Wednesday 18 May – the night before the hearing – TAFE Queensland proposed a number of last minute amendments to the draft.  The amendments appear to be solely grammatical and typographical; individually not particularly significant, but of such quantity that the Full Bench refused to make the award on Thursday, noting that the parties have not had the time to consider the proposed changes. 

That decision further delays the commencement of bargaining and the making of an agreement; a frustrating scenario given that the existing agreement has expired and it is through the certified agreement negotiations that pay rises are usually delivered. The Union anticipates this new delay will be short – no more than two weeks.

EB preparation

Notwithstanding this delay, the QTU is preparing for EB and will be ready to commence bargaining as soon as the modern award is made. While we have ideas about what to include in the QTU’s log of claims, we’re keen to hear from our members. As always, our aim is to achieve significant improvements for the majority of members.

We encourage you to hold a workplace meeting to enable members to discuss suggested inclusions. This should be done as soon as possible, so we can begin bargaining as soon as the award is modernised. 

If you have individual suggestions, we invite you to provide input into the log of claims via the link on the QTU website www.qtu.asn.au/tafe-loc-suggestions, or to email tafe@qtu.asn.au