21 September 2012 | No. 08-12

Skills and Training Taskforce submission

The Minister for Education, Training and Employment has twice been caught out commenting that the QTU did not submit a response to the Skills and Training Taskforce. This is untrue.

The QTU submitted a response on 7 September 2012, in accordance with the deadline for public submissions, as this email excerpt verifies:

The future of TAFE Queensland was one of the first matters dealt with by the taskforce. The QTU canvassed members electronically and urged members and supporters to make personal responses to the taskforce.

The interim report was prepared and sent to the Minister on 31 August. It was sent to all staff on 5 September. The closing date for public submissions was 7 September, which was extended until 20 September following representations to the Minister by a QTU representative. However, as the interim report was prepared prior to the closing of public submissions, the QTU’s submission does not appear in the list of contributions.

The QTU checked with the taskforce secretariat that the QTU submission had indeed been received. We were informed that the Minister's office had been told that submissions to the taskforce from both the QTU and the QCU were received by the deadline.

 A copy of the QTU submission can be found here.

Authorised by Graham Moloney, General Secretary,
Queensland Teachers' Union,  21 Graham St,  Milton,Q.4064