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03-12, 6 July 2012

Government makes first EB offer

After a protracted delay in the commencement of enterprise bargaining negotiations, the Government has tabled an offer for a short-term or “interim” agreement.

The offer 

The full terms of the offer, the proposed salary schedules and the draft replacement certified agreement can be accessed from the QTU website here

The term of the proposed agreement is 11 months with a nominal expiry date of 30 June 2013.

The wages offer is 2.2 per cent per annum.

On a pro-rata basis (over 11 months) the pay increase is effectively 2 per cent payable as of 1 August 2012.

The proposal is to “roll-over” all of the terms and entitlements of the current certified agreement into a short-term replacement certified agreement.  This means that there is no requirement, as there is for other public sector workers, to agree to the “stripping away” of core conditions from the certified agreement in exchange for a pay rise.

Consequently, there will be no change to the working conditions or entitlements of TAFE members for the life of the proposed agreement.

The rationale for the interim agreement is to allow the drafting of the next three-year agreement to take into account some of the significant structural, governance and operational changes for the TAFE sector that are anticipated by way of the review of vocational education and training in Queensland that is being undertaken by the Ministerial Taskforce for Skills and Training.  

The taskforce will announce its interim recommendations in September.

The offer, if accepted, has the potential to realign incremental dates with 1 July for superannuation purposes for any future agreement.  

Acceptance of an offer at any time up to the end of July would ensure backdating of the pay rise to 1 August.

The process

The department has requested a formal response to the offer by 18 July.

An extraordinary meeting of the TAFE Council has been called for Thursday 12 July, to consider the offer.

Given the time-lines for a response to the department, TAFE Council may determine an “in-principle position” ahead of a full membership ballot on the offer.

The Union will advise further on the decision of TAFE Council in due course.

David Terauds                            
TAFE Organiser
Louise Comino                         
TAFE industrial Officer

Authorised by Graham Moloney, General Secretary,
Queensland Teachers' Union,  21 Graham St,  Milton,Q.4064