1 August 2013

Response to TAFE Queensland Chief Executive Officer's message regarding the decision of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) to refer the TAFE Educational Employees EB to arbitration.

  • The QTU's objective in EB negotiations has been consistent from the beginning and was communicated to DETE in our log of claims - to negotiate a replacement TAFE educational employees-only certified agreement.  

  • The attempt to combine educational, administrative and support staff in one EB ballot was not only about granting a pay rise to administrative and support staff, as the CEO claims, it was a cynical “divide and conquer” manoeuvre designed to overcome the significant resistance of educational staff to the appalling EB offer, which froze the salaries of many of these staff and stripped away key working conditions.

  • There is no impediment to prevent the government and DETE providing a wage increase to TAFE administrative and support staff. They can do this at any time. The conditions that are stopping them doing so are conditions that they have set.

  • The position put by the QTU and Together Queensland was accepted by the independent umpire, the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission, in its decision (which is worth reading and is available here).

Please feel free to circulate this information widely amongst TAFE staff.