No.7,11 July 2013

  • New DETE TAFE EB Offer Provided
  • QTU TAFE Ballot Closing


As foreshadowed, DETE provided unions with a revised TAFE EB offer (in the form of a draft Certified Agreement) at a meeting held on Wednesday 10 July.

The key feature of the offer is to combine educational and administrative TAFE staff in one Agreement. 

For educational staff:


  • There have been two improvements: the “trainer” classification has been re-named “teacher” and access to preserved (grand-parented) salaries and ARP for temporary employees has been improved.
  • It retains all of the proposed arrangements in the previous offer relating to:
    • abolition of the incremental scale;
    • a salary freeze for those on grand-parented salaries;
    • ARP payments;
    • spread of teaching hours;
    • length of working day and working week;
    • access to overtime;
    • abolition of NAT; and
    • removal of class size guidelines.  
  • New provisions include:
    • Teachers on grand-parented salaries at or above the level of base salary plus ARP can be compelled to undertake ARP duties without any additional remuneration.
    • A further 14 clauses or sections of the TAFE Teachers’ Award are to be rendered inoperative, including access to one day of annual leave and removal of mandatory annual leave between Christmas and New Year’s day.


On balance, for educational employees the new offer is worse than the previous offer.

For administrative staff:

Key features of the offer for administrative staff include:


  • A pay increase of 2.2 % from the operative from first of the month in which agreement is reached, and subsequent increases of 2.2% in 2014 and 2015.
  • Maintenance of most, but not all, working conditions. Significantly, this includes retention of the incremental salary scale and continued recognition of and increased remuneration for the holding of higher qualifications at the same time as the offer proposes to remove these for educational staff. 


The offer is clearly an attempt to pit one section of the TAFE workforce against the other. By offering the administrative staff pay increases without significant loss of conditions, DETE clearly hopes to secure approval of an offer that is patently unacceptable and devastating for TAFE educational staff.

It will be important for TAFE educational staff to point this out to their administrative colleagues and note that, if approved, the agreement will almost certainly pave the way for the targeting of administrative staff in the future.

 The QTU is studying the new offer and will post more detailed information about it on the QTU website in the near future.

QTU TAFE Ballot Closes Midnight Friday 12 July 

These new developments make it even more important that QTU TAFE members participate in the current QTU TAFE EB ballot. It is vitally important to send a clear and strong message to DETE and the State Government about the unacceptability of their offer.

If you have already voted, please encourage your QTU colleagues to do so as well.

If you have not yet voted, please do so. 

NOTE:THIS BALLOT CLOSED 12 July 2013 - voting disabled: To vote, go to the QTU members’ portal on the QTU website, either by using this link, clicking the “TAFE EB8 Ballot” tab on the QTU home page or the TAFE EB8 Ballot button and log in (you need your membership number and password – both are on your membership card). Once you have logged in, click on “TAFE Ballot” tab in the menu. Then record your vote.

Vote “No”!