No.5, 18 June 2013

Enterprise bargaining negotiations

The Single Bargaining Unit met on Thursday 13th June. The Department formally responded to the QTU’s presentation which outlined the philosophical basis for the QTU’s Log of Claims noting that issues around maintaining teacher professionalism were considered important to TAFE’s ongoing practice. The Department stated that it was not its intention to have TAFE compete at the bottom end of the market.

The Department took on notice QTU questions regarding a number of matters including funding of literacy and numeracy classes, rollover and grand-parenting of salary of contract employees and a request for a briefing on the implications of the VET Investment Plan for TAFE educational employees.

The next Single Bargaining Unit meeting is to be held Thursday 20 June.

Member Personal Details

With the introduction of the changes to the IR legislation that impact on union encouragement provisions it is vital the QTU can contact you through various mechanisms.

If you haven't already provided the QTU with your private email address and mobile and home phone numbers you can do this by contacting QTU Membership. (online / email / phone:(07)3512 9000)

If the QTU already holds that information, check to see that it is up to date.

TAFE members can also update their personal details with QTU Membership through the member portal.

Members are asked to provide accurate information about personal email addresses, mobile phone numbers and workplace locations to ensure timely communication from the QTU around issues affecting your workplace and work life.

The current critical enterprise bargaining negotiations and the impending changes to TAFE make it imperative that accurate and timely communication be maintained with members.
If you have changed campus and/or institute, please inform the QTU as soon as possible.

Check with your colleagues to see if they are receiving emails and other information from the QTU and ask them to update their details accordingly.

TAFE Issues Brochure for QTU school members

A brochure is being produced for QTU schools sector members to outline the scope of the changes facing TAFE and VET in Queensland. The content of the brochure is available on the web site here.

David Terauds
QTU TAFE Organiser

Authorised by Graham Moloney, General Secretary,
Queensland Teachers' Union,  21 Graham St,  Milton,Q.4064