TAFE EB8 Newsflash 1, 8 April 2013

Negotiations for the replacement TAFE Certified Agreement commenced today.  

The Department of Education, Training and Employment and the QTU have outlined the time frame and scope of discussions over the ensuing period.  Both parties are confident of a resolution in the near future.

An important aspect of good faith bargaining is for the parties to disclose relevant and necessary information for bargaining.

A Log of Claims is a crucial part of negotiations  as it outlines key areas regarding the pay and working conditions sought by both parties.  

This, in turn, makes the negotiation process one sided if only one party provides a Log of Claims, and full and frank discussions around both parties positions cannot occur.  As such, the QTU will provide the Log of Claims at such time as DETE is able to do the same.  

The Department and the QTU will exchange Logs of Claim at the next meeting.