TAFE EB Newsflash 02-13


The second TAFE Educational Employees EB negotiation meeting was held on Friday 19 April. Representatives of the QTU, DETE and Together were in attendance. 

 At the meeting the Department presented a comprehensive EB offer. Details of the Departmental offer were circulated to all educational employees after the meeting and departmental briefings are occurring within institutes over the coming weeks.

The DETE Offer

The DETE offer is unsurprising.  Rather than approaching bargaining on the basis that both parties share a number of interests and should explore the issues and options and work together for a solution, DETE has taken a predictable position of an initial offer inclusive of cutting conditions.  The QTU believes in interest-based bargaining, a more positive and worthwhile approach for both parties especially given the great opportunity to create a more dynamic and flexible TAFE. The QTU will continue in this dialogue with DETE to keep members' conditions safe.

QTU Log of Claims

At the same meeting, the QTU presented its log of claims to DETE representatives. The starting point for the QTU is no trade off of conditions. The QTU log can be found on the Union's website.

The QTU’s Log emphasises:

  • the professional role of the teacher, 
  • the need to expand the salary structure to include a range of additional educational roles,
  • the need for and the recognition of professional teaching skills
  • an appropriate career progression structure
  • the need for a workload management tool to be developed
  • controls on flexible delivery and class size reform, and
  • a range of other matters.

The State of Play

Members are reminded that there have been only two Enterprise Bargaining meetings to date and that negotiations are continuing. The QTU will be bargaining hard. All existing conditions will remain until a new agreement is reached.

TAFE Queensland Bill 2013

Last week also saw the introduction of the TAFE Queensland Bill which will give legislative effect to the transition to TAFE Queensland as a statutory authority. The QTU is concerned that some of the proposed transition arrangements give the Minister very broad powers and we will be making a submission in relation to the Bill.

Authorised by Graham Moloney, General Secretary,
Queensland Teachers' Union,  21 Graham St,  Milton,Q.4064