20 April 2015

Central Queensland University has announced that it has decided to grant an administrative pay increase of two per cent to CQU TAFE educational employees, effective from 30 April 2015. 

The decision to grant the pay increase was taken by CQU on its own initiative rather than being a negotiated outcome from bargaining with the QTU/AEUQ or other unions representing CQU staff. However, the university provided the QTU/AEUQ with advance notice of its intentions and the QTU/AEUQ supports the administrative payment, given the time since the last pay increase.

The Union impressed on the university that a two per cent increase is at the low end of potential salary increase amounts and that a greater increase may be achieved later this year for TAFE Queensland teachers. On this basis, the university made a commitment that any increase above two per cent which may be provided to TAFE Queensland teachers by the state government will be considered in negotiations for the next CQU enterprise bargaining agreement. The university also undertook to discuss with the QTU/AEUQ a timeline for commencing negotiations towards a new enterprise agreement as soon as possible.

The QTU/AEUQ welcomes the university's recognition that a pay increase for its TAFE educational employees is overdue (the last increase was in June 2013). We also welcome the commitment of the university not to seek any changes in TAFE teachers’ working conditions in connection with the increase.

The university has informed the QTU/AEUQ that the increase will most likely be paid commencing in the pay period of 14 May 2015. 


Further updates will be provided to QTU/AEUQ members at Central Queensland University as new information becomes available.

 Authorised by Graham Moloney, General Secretary, Queensland Teachers' Union