5 October 2016

Enterprise bargaining to commence

As you are no doubt aware, the Australian Education Union (Queensland)/Queensland Teachers’ Union (AEU(Q)/QTU) preparations for EB have been underway for some time. 

On Friday 30 September, the AEU(Q)/QTU sent our log of claims and notice that we intend to commence bargaining to Central Queensland University, in accordance with its requested timeline. 

The attached AEU(Q)/QTU log of claims was developed in consultation with CQU members, TAFE Council and TAFE Executive.

It is clear that CQU seeks to create a single agreement to cover all employees. This position is opposed by both AEU(Q)/QTU and the Together union, who both wish to retain a separate agreement for vocational educators. This is consistent with the approach taken by both unions in TAFE Queensland negotiations. 

The position of the AEU(Q)/QTU is that we will participate in negotiations, prosecute our claims, and as a part of those claims, argue for a separate VET educators agreement. 

We are also in receipt of logs from Together and the NTEU, and have met with their representatives this week to discuss our respective logs and the ways in which our unions can work together to advance our claims. 

The first single bargaining unit (SBU) meeting is scheduled for the 12 October, and members will be kept informed as negotiations progress. 

EB: bargaining representatives 

We understand that you will have received information from the university about the forthcoming EB negotiations, including a “Notice of employee representational rights” (a Fair Work requirement), and we are aware some members have received a “message from the Unions at CQ University about ‘employee representation rights’”.

We note that the date on this “message” states that bargaining will commence in June 2012, and that the AEU(Q)/QTU is not included in this message, as was correct back in 2012, before the merger occurred. 

At this point in time, it is our view that the distribution of this old document was just an error on behalf of CQU, rather than anything more sinister. The AEU(Q)/QTU has spoken to the other relevant unions and we will jointly seek to have an updated version of the message distributed. 

As members of the AEU(Q)/QTU, we will represent you in bargaining. Industrial/Research Officer Kim Roy is your AEU(Q)/QTU point of contact. She can be reached at services@qtu.asn.au or on (07) 3512 9000. If you have colleagues who have not joined up, please encourage them to do so as a matter of urgency. 

This can be done by calling (07) 3512 9000 or going to our website at www.qtu.asn.au/join. 

 Authorised by Graham Moloney, General Secretary, Queensland Teachers' Union