To: QTU members at TQB

18 December 2015

TAFE Queensland Brisbane - Higher Education Individual Employment contracts

TAFE Queensland has made a unilateral decision to expand delivery of Higher Education qualifications.

In order to facilitate this, TAFE Queensland Brisbane (TQB) has offered Individual Employment Agreements (IEA) – a form of individual common-law contract - to candidates including some current employees.

These positions include: Associate Lecturers, Lecturers, and Senior Lecturers. The QTU is aware that the number of positions being offered is currently very limited but the aim is to expand the program.

The QTU has sought general legal advice regarding the IEA on behalf of members. The advice provided identifies significant concerns with the specific IEA terms and conditions and with the drafting in general.

QTU members are advised not to sign the Higher Education IEA in its current form.

Any member who chooses to sign an IEA should be aware that there is significant risk to their professional interests both inside and outside of TAFE.

Any member who has been offered a Higher Education IEA should seek personal legal advice from the QTU before acting on these contracts. Requests for legal support must be made in writing to and addressed for the attention of the General Secretary.

 Authorised by Graham Moloney, General Secretary, Queensland Teachers' Union