Term 2, 2016

Here we are, well into term two – where is the year going?  This term, FLARE is again addressing issues that affect teachers in their first three years of teaching, specifically:

  1. probation
  2. mentoring
  3. enterprise bargaining
  4. the federal budget
  5. training
  6. the QTU New Educator guide.


All first year permanent teachers are required to undertake a probationary period.  This process is extremely important for your on-going employment, and it is crucial that you understand the timelines and what is required. CLICK HERE to read more.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding your probation, email the Queensland Teachers’ Assist Desk at qtad@qtu.asn.au


Did you know that teachers in their first year of teaching (permanent and temporary) are entitled to support from the Mentoring for Beginning Teachers program?

The program, which began in state schools in 2015, aims to provide formal, quality mentoring to beginning teachers who have less than 12 months of teaching service. Funding is allocated on the basis of the number of beginning teachers present within the school. 

Mentors are selected by application, although the principal must approve a teacher for enrolment. Once accepted, mentors participate in a two-day workshop, run by QUT.

To learn more, CLICK HERE.  If you have any questions, speak to your school Union Rep or contact the Queensland Teachers’ Assist Desk at qtad@qtu.asn.au

Enterprise bargaining (EB)

Every three years, the QTU is required to negotiate with the employer (DET/the state government) around our working conditions as teachers.  2016 is one of these years. Negotiations have commenced, following a consultation process to determine our claim in which QTU members were heavily involved (CLICK HERE to view the claim).

Make sure you keep yourself informed – a lot of information will shortly be coming your way and it’s important that you understand it, along with the EB process and how you can participate in it.

The federal budget

The recently-announced federal budget will have a profound impact upon our profession and the children we teach.  Among the alarming inclusions are:

  • a massive reduction in funding – Gonski will not be delivered (CLICK HERE to learn more about Gonski)
  • pay to be based on student test outcomes 
  • annual testing and reporting of literacy and numeracy against national benchmarks for every year level (the Coalition has also proposed that science be included in the mix!)
  • compulsory testing (literacy and numeracy) for all pre-prep children before they enter school.

And these are just four of the many concerning education-related proposals contained in the budget.  To read the full Coalition policy on education and its funding, CLICK HERE.

A comparison of the education policies of the political parties will be provided closer to the election.

QTU new educator events

Each year, the QTU runs a variety of training and events for new educators across the state.  These forums are a great opportunity for new educators to learn about their profession and network with other new educators.  

The Queensland Teacher Education Centre (QTEC) coordinates these events. CLICK HERE to read the 2016 training schedule and see if there is anything on near you that you would like to attend.

The QTU New Educator Guide

This guide was developed specifically by new educators, for new educators, as a one-stop shop. It is available to members only – so you will need your QTU membership number and password to access it. CLICK HERE to see the guide.

If you are interested in learning more about your Union, speak to your school Union Representative, who will be able to discuss all of the amazing opportunities that being a member of the QTU affords you.  If you do not have a school Union Rep, contact your Regional Organiser to introduce yourself.  CLICK HERE for contact details.


 Authorised by Graham Moloney, General Secretary, Queensland Teachers' Union