28 July 2016

EB Ballot edition

Electoral Commission Queensland ballot

As a new educator and member of the Queensland Teachers’ Union, you should have received some ballot papers from the Electoral Commission Queensland (ECQ). (Please note you will only have received a ballot paper if you were working for DET on 2 June 2016 and a financial member of the Union on the same date.)

In the last edition of FLARE, we outlined why returning your ballot papers was pivotal.  CLICK HERE for a reminder.

On your ballot paper there are three questions, and we want you to vote YES to all three.  

WHY?  A new enterprise bargaining agreement for Queensland state school teachers and principals was due on 1 July, 2016.  Negotiations with the government and DET are continuing, BUT the current offer of a 2.5 per cent pay rise per annum would leave us behind Queensland Catholic teachers and many of our interstate colleagues.

The main unresolved issues are:

  1. salaries
  2. a review of promotional classification structures and salaries
  3. conversion to permanency and reduction in temporary teacher numbers.  

When you vote YES, you are helping to ensure that, if necessary, teachers can take PROTECTED industrial action under state industrial law.  Make sure that you follow the instructions on the ballot papers!

Your ballot papers MUST be returned by Monday 8 August. Given the vagaries of Australia Post, you should aim to have your form in the post by the end of this week.

Queensland Teachers’ Union ballot 

The QTU Reps at your school will conduct a school-based ballot on three questions.

  1. Do you want to reject the salary offer of 2.5 per cent per annum?
  2. Do you support a full day strike on Thursday 18 August?
  3. Do you support the implementation of a package of seven work bans from Monday 15 August?

We want you to vote YES to all 3 questions – for the same reasons as above.

CLICK here to read the answers to some FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Associate student members

Many pre-service teachers will be on placement on the proposed days of industrial action.  The QTU’s Professional Development policy, adopted by QTU Conference contains the following advice.

1.2.1 Industrial action during practical experience 

The QTU recognises and appreciates that each school will have individual arrangements for a day of industrial action. 

Students should discuss with the school coordinator possible attendance for the day and seek the Coordinator’s approval to attend school only if the supervising teacher be on the school grounds. 

Should the school coordinator prefer, approval can be given for a university pre-service teacher to use the day at home for planning, marking assessment or similar activities. In this case, the preservice teacher is not required to ‘make up’ the day. Alternatively, the preservice teacher may negotiate a suitable make-up day with the supervising teacher. 

Pre-service students are advised not to undertake supervision of individual, small groups or whole classes without the presence of an appropriate registered supervising teacher. 

If there is no strike action, preservice teachers are to attend as usual.

If you have any further queries about the ballot or professional experience during the proposed days of industrial action, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at services@qtu.asn.au - Attention: Lynn Cowie-McAlister

 Authorised by Graham Moloney, General Secretary, Queensland Teachers' Union