10 Dec 2013, in this issue: Principal recruitment and selection | Government fails to respond to notions of teacher rankings, student ratings and parent evaluation

Changes to principal recruitment and selection

The Department of Education, Training and Employment (DETE) is implementing a new recruitment and selection process for principals in 2014.  This new process will completely change the way relocations occur.

QTU Concerns

The Queensland Teachers’ Union believe that the capability assessment was a good process to recruit and select principals for Queensland state schools however we agree that there were some problems with the current process, particularly in terms of flexibility.  The capability assessment is a process that provides consistency in the selection of principals across the state.  This level of consistency is not possible with local recruitment and selection panels for principals. Further, changes to Directive No. 19/10 Appeals and the repealing of Directive No. 08/10 Managing employee complaints mean there are limited avenues for people to appeal against inconsistent merit decisions and flaws in the selection process.

The QTU has significant concerns with the removal of the Vacancy Review Panel and the ability for our members to achieve relocations back to preferred areas after having completed non-preferred service. We have asked for protections for principals who took on positions in schools in remote, regional and non-preferred areas under the auspices of a certain relocation and now there is a different scheme.

The QTU has also raised concerns about the two-phase process (capability and fit) being discontinued with the school leader capability pool ceasing to be used at the end of this year as people had applied for capability on the understanding that this pool would exist for longer than the end of the year.  We have expressed to DETE the disappointment and frustration that our members would feel.

The QTU will be closely monitoring this new process and will be meeting with DETE regularly as the department has committed to continuing to consult with the QTU about the implementation of the new process. 

We strongly recommend that members who are interested in relocation contact the QTU so that we provide appropriate advice and support for you.  Also if there are issues with regards to recruitment and selection processes, contact Paige Bousen on 3512 9000 or services@qtu.asn.au.

Follow this link to find an overview of new principal recruitment and selection process (this includes the process for relocations).

Government fails to respond to notions of teacher rankings, student ratings and parent evaluation – QTU members triggered into action

QTU Executive met on Thursday 5 December to consider recent developments in government moves to introduce teacher and school leader rankings by stealth.

QTU members have contacted the Union with information about proposed changes to the agreed Developing Performance Framework (DPF) process, and government plans to introduce a “pilot program” of evaluation based, among other criteria, on standardised student test data and student and parent ratings of teacher performance.

This information was reinforced by public comments made in the media by departmental officers and the Education Minister.

On Monday 2 December  the QTU wrote to the Director-General requesting that he confirm or deny the accuracy of statements made to The Courier-Mail by departmental representatives that indicated that the government was pushing ahead with its pilot program based on the Great teachers = Great results agenda. No reply has yet been received to the Union's correspondence.

As advised through QTU Members’ Newsflashes on 26 November and 6 December the directive not to nominate for or participate in any pilot or trial of a teacher and/or school leader performance review that is not agreed with the QTU remains in place.

Given that there appears to be a continued push by DETE to change the existing DPF process, Executive determined to issue the following additional directive:

QTU members employed by the Department of Education, Training and Employment are hereby directed not to participate in any DPF processes* that differ from those used in 2013 with the exception of the use of the Australian Professional Standards of Teachers as agreed through the DETE/QTU joint statement.

*Refer to DETE/QTU joint statement and QTU newsflash 30-13, 26 November 2013


If members become aware of any revised performance review processes or it is suggested that their school is to become part of the pilot/trial of the new teacher and principal rankings, they should contact the QTU immediately.

Additionally, if the government determines to make announcements or move ahead with the implementation of those matters rejected overwhelmingly by members in last month’s ballot, the QTU will issue a directive instructing members to stop work in the beginning part of next year.

Members are reminded that teacher and/or principal rankings, performance bonuses and/or fixed-term, “performance-based” contracts for school leaders are unacceptable to the QTU and the introduction of any such schemes would be a potential breach of the certified agreement.

Members are encouraged to remain informed of any developments regarding the teacher and principal rankings process, contracts for school leaders and performance bonuses via the QTU website.

Additionally, if you have not already done so, you are encouraged toget online at www.qtu.asn.au and update your details with a personal email address, so that the QTU can communicate with you directly via email over the holiday period.


Graham Moloney                                      Paige Bousen
General Secretary                                     Assistant Secretary – Education Leaders