New principal recruitment and selection process

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Overview of new principal recruitment and selection process

  • The two-phase process (capability and fit) will be discontinued.  The School Leader capability pool will cease to be used.  The Verification of Readiness document will no longer be required.
  • The central Vacancy Review Panel process which assigns principals on relocation to vacancies in schools will be discontinued.
  • There will be a different selection panel convened for each vacancy.  The selection panel will consist of a chair (with line accountability for the performance of the principal) and a community representative at a minimum.
  • The panel chair may nominate any additional panel members.  For example, the panel chair may elect to engage experienced and qualified practitioners in education leadership and/or recruitment to improve the quality of the process and promote consistency across panels.
  • The selection panel will determine the means of assessing suitability and merit.  The selection panel must consider suitability and merit of all applicants consistently and in accordance with the requirements of the vacancy.
  • Prior to being filled via a merit process, principals who have requested relocation to a vacancy must have their suitability considered.  If there are no suitable principals for relocation, the vacancy may be filled via an advertised process in accordance with public service directives.
  • The panel chair is responsible for ensuring that all panel members are appropriately supported to undertake the process.
  • The panel is responsible for making a recommendation for an appointment.  A delegate of the chief executive is responsible for ensuring that the selection has been carried out in accordance with requirements, is consistent with obtaining the best outcome for the school and contributes to the effective operation of a statewide relocation and appointment system.
  • The Human Resources Branch is responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of the statewide relocation and appointment system.  This includes regular engagement with stakeholders.
  • The Human Resources Branch may recommend preferred recruitment and selection practices from time to time and may facilitate the engagement of experienced and qualified practitioners for panels.

Relocation and suitability assessment

  • People will continue to send requests for relocation to the department’s Human Resources Branch.
  • Relocation requests will be referred to selection panels as vacancies arise.
  • Each panel will decide how a person wanting a relocation to the school is to apply for the role.  The role descriptions will remain the same but the application may need to be tailored differently for each school.
  • A person is not required to submit an application for a vacancy because they have requested a relocation to that particular geographic area.  If a person decides not to submit a vacancy, they will be offered the opportunity to be considered for other vacancies as they arise.
  • If a person is interested in more than one vacancy, they will need to apply for each vacancy.
  • A person will be considered for each vacancy on the basis of suitability and fit.  If there are other relocation applicants, a person will be considered for the vacancy on the basis of relative merit.  Persons applying for relocation will not be considered against a pool of applicants for promotion.
  • If a person applying for relocation is not deemed suitable, the panel must provide the person applying for relocation with written feedback regarding their suitability and fit or relative merit for the vacancy.


  • Vacancies may be advertised at any time of the year and are to meet the requirements of the public service directives.  This includes advertising on the Queensland Government Smart Jobs and Careers website.
  • DETE has recommended that people set up automated alerts from the Smart Jobs and Careers website to notify them of advertised vacancies as soon as they occur.
  • Each advertised vacancy will set out details of how to apply for the role.  The role descriptions will remain the same by each application may need to be tailored for each vacancy.
  • If a person is interested in more than one vacancy they will need to apply for each vacancy.

For more information please contact Paige Bousen, Assistant Secretary - Educational Leaders on 07 3512 9000 or

Page updated 10 December 2013