7 Feb 2014

Principal recruitment and selection – the myths,facts and impacts.

Members will be aware of the significant media coverage this week for the new principal recruitment and selection process announced last year.

A number of the statements made did little more than disseminate myths, others were factually incorrect. Some of these statements effectively cast aspersions on all QTU principal members.  The QTU has developed a response to these statements which can be accessed on the QTU website

The QTU will be closely monitoring this new process and will be meeting with DETE regularly, as the department has committed to continuing to consult with the QTU about the implementation of the new process. 

We strongly recommend that if you are interested in relocation you contact the QTU so that we can provide appropriate advice and support for you. 

Great Results Guarantee

The QTU is currently pursuing issues around the impact of the Great Results Guarantee on low SES National Partnership Schools.

The QTU has already been contacted by principals in a number of low SES schools that will have their funding reduced as a result of the Great Results Guarantee. If your school is in the same position, please contact the QTU on 3512 9000 or services@qtu.asn.au immediately. 

Anyone with any other issues associated with the guarantee should also contact the QTU, as the Union is having ongoing discussions with the department about all aspects of the plan.

The QTU will be sending out a Members’ Newsflash shortly with more detailed information.

Graham Moloney                            Paige Bousen
General Secretary                       Assistant Secretary – Education Leaders