24 July 2014

School performance review process

On Tuesday, principals received an email from the Deputy Director-General for Education, Patrea Walton, with respect to school performance and improvement. The QTU has recently been in contact with the department advising it that the trialling of school reviews and other elements of the school performance assessment framework, without negotiation with the QTU, would be in breach of the certified agreement.

The Union has identified that, while there has been some discussion with some members, with respect to changes to the way in which school audits and school performance and improvement might be viewed within the department, there has been no formal consultation with the QTU, nor has the consultation with members been broad enough.

The QTU has identified the following issues with the process.

  • The new process lends itself to school rankings, particularly in light of the previous experience around teaching and learning audits and the development of school profiles which were then accessed by The Courier-Mail.
  • The heavy reliance on NAPLAN as one of the performance processes, particularly given that NAPLAN is only one indicator of student outcomes and performance and can only provide a point in time analysis.
  • The potential linkage of the school performance and improvement process with principal performance reviews and school leader contracts. In discussions with respect to Great Teachers = Great Results, the QTU has insisted that school performance processes should be separate, and distinct from principal performance reviews, and that the Australian Institute of Teachers and School Leaders professional standard for principals is the appropriate measure to be used for principal performance reviews.
  • It is unrealistic to expect continual improvement from schools without providing them with the needs-based resourcing they require to make these improvements.

The QTU has called on the department to withdraw the school performance and improvement process announced yesterday to allow for meaningful negotiations with the QTU. Should DETE fail to take this course of action, it is likely that the Union and the department will be in dispute.

In order to appropriately advise the department of members' key concerns with respect to the school performance and improvement process, the QTU will welcome feedback regarding school reviews and the school performance assessment framework. This can be emailed to the Union at qtu@qtu.asn.au

The QTU is committed to continuing its work with school leaders, addressing their key concerns and ensuring that productive processes are in place to support the development of schools and the personal and professional development of teachers and school leaders, as well as ensuring that your industrial entitlements are protected. The QTU will not accept the imposition of policies that adversely affect the job security, professional standing, remuneration, workload and recruitment of our members.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the QTU.

 Authorised by Graham Moloney, General Secretary, Queensland Teachers' Union