7 September 2015

Safe schools program

You may be aware of recent media reports regarding the Safe Schools Coalition Australia program. The QTU supports the Safe Schools program.

The Safe Schools program is a federally funded, opt-in program which has recently been made available to Queensland schools. The Safe Schools program aims to create safer educational environments in which every family can belong, every teacher can teach and every student can learn. The program provides professional development and resources to enable teachers and schools to reflect on the experience of gender-diverse and same sex attracted students at school and consider ways to make school a safer and more inclusive place.

The Queensland Government supports the roll out of the program in self-selected Queensland schools.

The program is voluntary and is free to join. It is up to school communities to decide how they wish to use the resources and implement changes in their school. As the Safe Schools materials state: “By signing up, schools commit to building a school that is free from homophobic and transphobic bullying, and is safe and inclusive for the whole school community.”

The QTU’s Education Centre (QTEC) will be hosting some Safe Schools workshops for QTU members throughout term four 2015 and term one 2016. The Safe Schools do better!” article in the recent Journal provides further detail and information about the program.

For more information about joining the Safe Schools program, go to: www.safeschoolscoalition.org.au/