TAFE EB10 bulletin no.13, 8 Aug 2019

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TAFE EB10 Bulletin no.13, 8 August 2019



The QTU congratulates TAFE Division members for the statewide show of solidarity in the recent protected industrial action. At its meeting on 5 August, QTU Executive commended members of the QTU TAFE Division for undertaking the two-hour stop work on 30 July.

During the stop work, QTU Vice-President Cresta Richardson hosted a statewide online meeting, inviting QTU officers and elected TAFE delegates to provide the latest updates on the impact of whole-of-government policy on the employer’s formal package, which had been rejected by QTU TAFE Executive.

The statewide meeting also considered six resolutions, and a seventh was subsequently added. Online voting on the resolutions was open until 6 August, and TAFE members again voted YES to continue the fight for the future of TAFE and improve the pay and conditions of TAFE Educators.

All of the resolutions were supported by more than 90 per cent of the eligible votes cast; a forceful statement by members in the fight for the future of TAFE. The resolutions call for changes to whole-of-government policy as a matter of urgency so that TAFE can continue to deliver the training that Queenslanders trust. This means guaranteeing funding for TAFE as the public provider of vocational education and skills training, and it means investing in TAFE Queensland’s educator workforce.

Resolution seven reaffirmed the result of the protected action ballot that was conducted in June, which achieved a 97 per cent YES vote and endorsed a 24 hour stoppage.

The matter of protected industrial action in the form of a 24-hour stoppage will be referred to TAFE Council for consideration at its meeting on Saturday, 17 August. Recommendations from TAFE Council will be broadcast to financial members of the TAFE Division in a subsequent EB10 bulletin

Graham Moloney
General Secretary
Craig Wood
Research Officer - Industrial Advocate

 Authorised by Graham Moloney, General Secretary, Queensland Teachers' Union
21 Graham Street,Milton, QLD, Australia, 4060

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