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TAFE EB10 Bulletin no.15, 26 August 2019


QTU State Council is the QTU’s supreme decision making body and is comprised of branch representatives from throughout Queensland. At its meeting on Saturday, 24 August, Council unanimously supported a suite of resolutions in support of TAFE members, including:

  1. THAT State Council endorses the plan for protected industrial action that directs members of the QTU TAFE Division, employed by TAFE Queensland, to stop work for 24 hours on Wednesday 28 August 2019.
  2.  THAT State Council endorses the decisions of TAFE Council.
  3. THAT State Council reaffirms the QTU position that 70 per cent of Queensland’s state training budget should be guaranteed funding for the public providers of vocational education and skills training. 
  4. THAT State Council calls on the Queensland Government to ensure that funding is made available from Treasury so that TAFE Queensland can deliver pay increases to TAFE Queensland educators to levels that are comparable with interstate colleagues.
  5. THAT State Council calls on the Queensland Government to ensure whole-of-government policy does not become a barrier to TAFE Queensland educators’ access to permanent employment or measures to address gender employment equity.
  6. THAT Council call on the COAG Skills Council to fund TAFE and public providers to be the cornerstone of quality in vocational education and to withdraw public funding from for-profit provision of vocational education.
  7. THAT State Council calls on Senior Officers to communicate the decisions of Council to the Premier, Treasurer, Minister for Training and Minister for Industrial Relations as a matter of priority.

In accordance with the resolutions of State Council, correspondence is being prepared and will be sent to the Premier and members of Cabinet.

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Date: Wednesday, 28 August, arrival 11:30 for noon start. Meetings will conclude at 1:00pm.
Brisbane Speakers Corner, 15 George St ,Brisbane City
Bundaberg Bundaberg Bowls Club, 21 Quay St ., Bundaberg
Cairns  Cazalys High Flyers,  344 Mulgrave Rd, Cairns
Townsville  Rydges Southbank, 23 Palmer St,Townsville
Graham Moloney
General Secretary
Craig Wood
Research Officer - Industrial Advocate

 Authorised by Graham Moloney, General Secretary, Queensland Teachers' Union
21 Graham Street,Milton, QLD, Australia, 4060

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