TAFE Rep Update no.02-19, 24 July 2019

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TAFE rep Update, No.02-19, 24 July 2019

QTU TAFE Division’s two hour stop work

Protected industrial action 

QTU TAFE Division members overwhelmingly supported a protected action ballot in June of this year that identified four threshold issues that could be used as triggers for industrial action, namely:

  •  salaries that achieve comparability with interstate colleagues
  •  a new salary classification for education team leaders and higher education
  • processes to address gender employment equity
  • factors to mitigate increasing workload.

Following the success of the protected action ballot, the QTU filed a subsequent application to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) to undertake protected industrial action. The Industrial Registrar has approved protected industrial action by members of the QTU up until the replacement agreement is certified or determined by the QIRC.

The employer formally tabled an initial response to the QTU’s EB10 log of claims on 12 July, and this was referred to QTU TAFE Executive for consideration. QTU TAFE Executive rejected the initial response because it failed to address pay and gender employment equity, and provided an inadequate response with regard to programming measures to mitigate workload. 

In accordance with the QIRC processes and approvals, and pursuant of the relevant section of the Industrial Relations Act 2016, QTU TAFE Executive endorsed a plan for a two hour stop work commencing at 10:00am on Tuesday 30 July.

The two hour stop work will include a statewide online meeting that members can stream on a personal device, or they can join with colleagues at one of nine host venues across the state.

Members can register to attend a venue by visiting www.qtu.asn.au/eb10 and clicking the “Stop work meetings 30 July 2019 – venues and maxi-cab booking” tab.

QTU TAFE DIVISION members are directed to:
stop work for two hours from 10:00am on Tuesday 30 July.

The QTU strongly encourages QTU TAFE Division members to leave their workplace for the duration of the stop work. Members streaming the statewide online meeting should use a personal device, not one provided by the employer

Support for TAFE Reps at stop work meetings

The statewide online meeting will be hosted by QTU Vice-President Cresta Richardson and will stream live from the QTU’s Milton office from 10:30am. The online meeting can be streamed from the QTU’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/QueenslandTeachersUnion/

The statewide online meeting will include six resolutions and voting instructions for all members to participate online in the QTU’s democratic decision-making process. The QTU recommends that members support all of the recommendations.

Regional meetings

Nine venues across the state will be hosting members, but we know that there are QTU TAFE Division members working in regional Queensland who will not be able to join us at these venues. 

QTU TAFE Reps in workplaces at which members will be unable to attend a meeting are asked to consider arranging a local meeting place that is outside of the workplace, but where members can gather and stream the statewide online meeting. If this involves cost (e.g. coffees for ten members at a local business), please contact David Terauds for an appropriate approval process.

The QTU requests that QTU TAFE Reps hosting local gatherings record the names of members who attend the meeting. This will be a QTU record only and not shared with the employer. On Monday, 29 July, the QTU will send a sign-on sheet together with copies of the six resolutions of the online meeting, as well as any other materials that may be relevant to QTU TAFE Reps who have advised the QTU that they are hosting a local gathering.

The QTU welcomes photos from all of our regional gatherings for publication in the next Queensland Teachers’ Journal. We ask that you send images for the consideration of our Journal’s editors to: qtu_tafe_eb@qtu.asn.au

QTU hosted meetings

The QTU has arranged to host members at nine venues across the state:
⁃    Bracken Ridge Tavern, 154 Barrett St, Bracken Ridge
⁃    Brothers Ipswich, Wildey St, Raceview
⁃    QTU Cairns Office, 255 Mulgrave Rd, Cairns
⁃    QTU Brisbane (Milton) Office, 21 Graham Street, Milton
⁃    QTU Gold Coast Office, Building 6, 175 Varsity Parade, Varsity Lakes
⁃    QTU Springwood Office, 14 Carol Ave, Springwood QLD 4127
⁃    QTU Sunshine Coast Office, 6/9 Capital Place, Birtinya
⁃    QTU Toowoomba Office, Suite 3, 1–3 Russell St, Toowoomba
⁃    Townsville Central Hotel, 12 Palmer Street South, Townsville.

Space will be limited in some of these venues, so if your workplace is near one of these venues, please encourage members to register to attend by visiting www.qtu.asn.au/eb10 and clicking the “Stop work meetings 30 July 2019 – venues and maxi-cab booking” tab. 

The QTU is also planning to hire transportation to and from some of the venues where carparking is restricted. Seats in the hire vehicles will be limited, so again members are encouraged to register in advance.

QTU TAFE Reps in workplaces that are near our nine venues are asked to:

⁃     be available to check members into hire transportation to and from venues (lists will be sent on Monday, 29 July)
⁃    assist with circulating and collecting a sign-on register at venues (these will be sent on Monday, 29 July and copies will be available at some venues)
⁃    assist with the distribution of the six resolutions and/or other materials that may need to be circulated (all materials will be sent on Monday, 29 July and copies will be available at some venues) 
⁃    be available to assist QTU officers, who will be present at most venues.

 Authorised by Graham Moloney, General Secretary, Queensland Teachers' Union
21 Graham Street,Milton, QLD, Australia, 4060

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