Deputy principals and heads of program capability and leadership framework

A capability and leadership framework for deputy principals (stream 3) and heads of program (stream 2) is being developed through a state-wide consultation process.

As part of the process, which began on 23 March, the QTU has joined with representatives of the relevant associations, principals and senior departmental officers on a focus group to collaboratively develop the content for the framework.

Following on from the successful development and current implementation of the principals’ capability leadership framework (PCLF), which is reflective of small, medium and large schools’ contexts, it will be:

  • a supportive document for current and aspiring leaders within a school, which will provide a consistent professional language to describe the leadership knowledge, skills and behaviours of deputy principals and heads of programs
  • a practical resource to enrich and inform leadership conversations within a self-reflective structure of an individual’s own leadership and capability awareness and aspirations.

Grounded within the existing five Leadership Matters capabilities and informed by current educational research, the document will demonstrate a clear investment in supporting the instructional leadership capability of associate school leaders.

The first draft of the capability and leadership framework (CLF) will be continually refined throughout the rest of this year, as feedback is sought from the state-wide focus group. An implementation phase will be conducted during the latter part of the year, with further consultation and feedback to ensure the framework is reflective of the needs and aspirations of school leaders in their diverse school contexts.

The CLF will be implemented for deputy principals in 2013, providing them with opportunities to acquire knowledge, skills and behaviours identified in the CLF to enhance the instructional leadership skills  they need to collaboratively lead the school improvement agenda.

2014 is the anticipated rollout date for heads of programs in schools, including heads of curriculum (HOC), heads of department (HOD) and heads of special education services (HOSES).

Evidence from the McKinsey Report, Michael Fullan, Richard Elmore and Geoff Masters clearly indicates that improvements in student outcomes are driven by the improvement of school systems.

The QTU is committed to the continuing development of the leadership capability of all of our school leaders, which is critical to providing a world class education for all students.

As a key stakeholder, the Union will continue to be involved in the consultation process and will keep members informed of its progress.

Paige Bousen
Assistant Secretary - Education Leaders

Queensland Teachers' Journal, Vol 117 No 3, 20 April 2012, p23