QTU seeks improvements to school leader recruitment process

The school leader recruitment and selection process continues to improve, but the QTU continues to seek further enhancements.

Feedback from members and QTU nominees on the school leaders selection panels indicated that the recruitment and selection process for school leaders was much smoother in 2011 than in 2010.

However, the QTU has continued to provide the department with suggestions on how to improve the process.  Among other issues, discussions have focused on the following.


In 2011 there was once again too little notice of the impending recruitment and selection process for school leaders. After much discussion, the department was able to notify our members much earlier this year. We will continue to work on this to ensure that our members know when they can expect applications for school leader positions to be called each year.

Referee reports

The QTU has continued to talk to the department about issues with various aspects of referee reports. The QTU Education Leaders’ Committee will be looking at other options for referee reports during 2012, and we will continue to progress this issue with DET.

Extending period during which a person is to be deemed capable

At the moment, a successful applicant is deemed capable for a period of 12 months.  There has been discussion between the QTU and the department about extending this timeframe to two years.  The department is currently speaking to the Queensland Public Service Commission about this; however there will be no change for this year.

We are now approaching the advertising dates for applicants for the recruitment and selection process for school leaders applicants for 2013.  As in previous years, the process is for school leaders (stream 3, SL1 – SL7, i.e. principals, heads of schools and heads of campus). Low SES National Partnership school and executive principal positions will be advertised separately.

Members may have noticed a separate process for a number of school leader positions that were advertised in March.  At the School Leader Vacancy Review Panel meeting in February, discussion arose around a number of principal positions that have not been filled through the current process.  The current applicant pool has been surveyed twice but no one has expressed interest in applying for these schools.  The decision was therefore made for these to be advertised separately.

The semester one 2012 timelines for classified teacher recruitment and selection can be found at www.qtu.asn.au/collections/recruitment-and-selection/recruitment-and-selection-timelines

These timelines also cover experienced senior teachers.  The QTU updates these timelines on the website as soon the department provides the relevant dates.

Paige Bousen
Assistant Secretary - Education Leaders

Queensland Teachers' Journal, Vol 117 No 3, 20 April 2012, p23