Induction, probation and provisional registration

Getting started in teaching can be daunting. So what do your first few weeks hold in store?


It takes more to prepare graduates for teaching than just prac and an orientation program. That’s why the 2009 certified agreement recognised the importance of having a rigorous introduction to teaching, including induction programs for all beginning teachers, whether permanently appointed or not. You should be involved in the planning of your induction program to make sure that it remains vibrant and meets your individual needs.

A thorough induction program should include:

  • school policies and procedures
  • expectations of beginning teachers
  • initial information about the importance of the code of conduct and the student protection policy
  • guidance in fulfilling the many duties that occur in all schools
  • information on membership of the QTU through which your Union Representatives can provide details of the legal, industrial and professional support available to members
  • information on professional development opportunities available through professional associations, the QTU and others.


The process of probation is intended to satisfy the Department of Education and Training of your suitability for continuing permanent (only) employment.  There are two key moments in this process.

At the end of the first three months of service, new permanent teachers will be provided with a performance review by their supervisor (the principal), which must be recorded on a standard form. Any areas of concern and an agreed action plan for improvement will form a part of this record. It is good practice for probationary teachers to be provided with a blank copy of this form as a guide.

By the end of six months of service, a formal performance appraisal will be conducted resulting in a recommendation of either confirmation or termination of appointment.

This process should feature no shocks or surprises and should be highly supportive.

Provisional registration

On completion of an approved teacher qualification, you can be granted provisional registration. This allows you to teach for up to two years (renewable for a further two years) until granted full teacher registration by the Queensland College of Teachers (QCT). Full registration requires the completion of a year of successful teaching or the equivalent and you must demonstrate that you meet the professional standards. The QCT requires that your principal complete the "provisional to full registration recommendation report" to verify that you have met the standards.

If you are a supply or contract teacher, you are eligible to apply for full registration after 200 days of teaching.

Further information on all these issues can be found  in the  information brochure Beginning to teacher  on our website.

Welcome to the profession and the Union. Never underestimate the benefits of Union membership. There is no better resource than the support of your Union.

Lynn Cowie-McAlister
Assistant Secretary - Industrial/Recruitment

Queensland Teachers' Journal, Volume 117 Number 1, 17 February 2012, p. 23