From the President: Charter schools - NO WAY!

A recent opinion piece by Jennifer Buckingham of the Centre for Independent Studies (published widely but freely available here1) promotes charter schools, yet another failed American experiment, as an answer for imaginary issues in Australian education.

From the President: There is power in our Union

My recent experience at the 7th Education International World Congress in Ottawa, Canada, caused me to reflect on some things that we take for granted: not least of which is the meaning of the word union.

From the President: Gonski still the key to Australia’s education future

The leaking of options for the control and funding of education from the Reform of the Federation Green Paper discussion paper reveals the true devilishness of the Abbott government’s education policies..

From the President: Our schools are too crowded!

You would be forgiven for thinking that this column was about overcrowded classrooms or the jam-packed curriculum. Both issues are important, current and sadly true. However, this discussion is about how schools are being swamped by “good” ideas and what we need to do as educators to clear the decks so that we let teachers teach.

From the President: Respect for our profession

Whenever someone asks me what I do for a job, I unhesitatingly reply that I am a teacher. What nobody ever asks me is what is a teacher?

From the President: The value of education is not revealed by the price

From The President: Education a paramount priority for any state government