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Queensland Teachers' Journal April 2015

Editorial : New state government off to a good start

Despite the problems of forming a minority government, two tropical cyclones and an early political crisis, relationships with the new Queensland Government are off to a productive start.

QTU Budget Submission 2015

Each year, prior to the release of the state budget, the Queensland Teachers’ Union makes a submission to the Queensland Government petitioning for improved funding for education.

From the President: Respect for our profession

Whenever someone asks me what I do for a job, I unhesitatingly reply that I am a teacher. What nobody ever asks me is what is a teacher?

From the VP: Why it's better to work smarter than work harder

Talking about workload and the growing trend toward those outside of our classrooms and schools telling us how to do our work has struck a nerve.

Safe Schools Coalition Australia - Queensland Bound

Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA) will be available in Queensland schools from the start of the second semester of 2015.

Lessons to be learned from Cyclone Marcia

Cyclone Marcia, a category 5 cyclone, struck the Rockhampton/Capricorn Coast/Callide & Dawson Valleys areas of Central Queensland on Friday, 20 February.

EB8: members’ priorities still on the agenda

The election of a new state government has implications for the Queensland industrial landscape and for our next round of enterprise bargaining.

Confused about special leave? You’re not the only one!

The department has published two new documents to help teacher and school leaders understand their entitlements and responsibilities under the Special Leave Directive.

Individual curriculum plans and when to use them

Members across the state have raised the workload associated with the development of individual curriculum plans for students, in particular the implications of developing these plans for multiple students in a school.

The My School money pit

Recent media attention around the My School website’s 2015 “facelift” would suggest that the federal government and the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) have acted on overwhelming public support for the website. However, the reality is much more ambivalent.

Logan schools rise to the challenge

While socio-economic factors have long acted as a brake on educational success, state schools in Logan are proving that it doesn’t always have to be the case.

Disability must not stop children learning

The Gonski campaign declared March 24 Disability Day, sending a delegation of parents, students and teachers to Canberra to remind politicians that students with disability have the same right to an education as all children.

Dialogue needed to resolve TAFE programming concerns

Differing approaches to programming and timetabling are causing concern for a number of members in a range of disciplines and teaching teams across the public provider network. (Queensland Teachers' Journal, Vol 120 No 3, 24 April 2015, p18)

IWD: Make it happen in 2015!

International Women’s Day (IWD) was celebrated throughout Queensland on 8 March, with schools and communities holding special events.

Temporary teachers:navigating the conversion to permanency process

The myths surrounding the MOA (memorandum of agreement) that supports the conversion of temporary teachers into permanent employment can be tricky to navigate.

Are your colleagues missing out on the benefits of QTU membership?

The person sitting next to you in the staff room is a non-member. That person doesn’t realise what they are missing out on every day of non-membership.

Beginning teachers: If I knew then what I know now...

"This year I decided that, after six years of being an upper school teacher, it was time to try prep."

Legal: Bad behaviour can have dramatic consequences, even if off duty

Queensland Teachers' Journal, Vol 120 No 3, 24 April 2015, p.25