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Queensland Teachers' Journal

April 2016

Welcome to new QTU Officers

With the election of Brendan Crotty as QTU Deputy General Secretary and Fiona McNamara’s departure, March State Council has appoint two new officers.

State Budget submission spells out QTU's priorities

The QTU has prepared a State Budget submission outlining a clear list of priorities related to education and training that should be included when the State Budget is announced on Tuesday 14 June

Editorial: A pivotal term for teachers and students

Term two will be more than usually significant for Queensland teachers and state schools, with enterprise bargaining negotiations for a new agreement and the growing prospect of a federal election on 2 July.

AEU Federal Conference 2016

The 32nd Annual Conference of the Australian Education Union (AEU) took place in Melbourne between 26 and 28 February.

New AEU life members

Two recently retired QTU Officers, Lyn Winch and Dr John McCollow, were awarded life membership of the AEU at the 2016 federal conference.

From the President: Early intervention: crucial to learning success

The imperative to maximise the benefits of education over a lifetime by ensuring quality early childhood education has again come into sharp focus with the advent of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

IR review calls for law changes

A review of the state’s IR laws has recommended significant improvements that build on those already made by the Palaszczuk government in 2015.

Senior assessment changes announced

In March, the Education Minister Kate Jones, made the first formal announcement of changes to senior assessment.

Solidarity - now and forever

The influence of the trade union movement, both throughout history and certainly in current times, is broad and deep.

Workload and salary lead final EB8 claim

After extensive member consultation, QTU State Council endorsed the final EB8 claim for state school members at its meeting on 12 March.

IEUA-QNT strike action

Queensland Catholic school teachers and support staff took strike action on 25 February, with thousands taking part in mass member rallies across the state.

Let’s get to the core of the matter!

The core and discretionary elements of the Australian Curriculum are to be identified in a report due to be handed to the Minister for Education.


Like all other states and territories, Queensland is beginning to plan and prepare for the roll out of NAPLAN testing online, which is scheduled to occur from 2019.

Pause to reflect on Safe Schools

As debate regarding the Safe Schools program continues, QTU member Lucinda Shaw defends this powerful resource for school communities.

North Queensland members secure transfer commitments

There is a lot of guess work and assumptions involved in the transfer process, and teachers in North Queensland have been growing increasingly concerned.

Celebrate Labour Day's return to May

The Labour Day holiday is back in May, and it’s just around the corner.

Gonski campaign steps up as federal government refuses to commit

The effective programs being put in place with Gonski funds across Queensland remain at risk, thanks to the continued refusal of the Turnbull government to commit to the full funding beyond 2017.

Know your professional rights

While it is vital for members to know and assert their industrial rights, if we are truly going to attempt to address workload issues, we also need to understand our professional rights.

Want to be the hero and live happily ever after?

The significance of structure, content and perspective cannot be overstated. QTU Gold Coast Organiser advocates the benefit of being a hero in every story you feature in.

International Women's Day 2016

In 2016, it is disturbing that within Australia and worldwide, women and their families are still not living in communities where equilty is a reality

Increase respect with Narragunnawali

Reconciliation Australia has developed the Narragunnawali program for schools and early learning centres, helping them to find meaningful ways to increase respect; reduce prejudice; and strengthen relationships.

Reviving traditional languages: The Woorabinda SS language project

For 25 years, the people of Woorabinda have been talking about getting their language back. Thanks to the Woorabinda State School Language Project, the community is now doing just that.


Twilight PD / after school supervision / Workload Wednesday

TAFE award modernisation

While award modernisation for the schools sector is now complete, the process is still underway for TAFE.

QTU Union Reps Conference

The QTU Union Reps Conference 2016, staged at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, was titled “Winning in the workplace, winning for the profession”.

Legal: The potential dangers of using computers and how to avoid them

It is vital for teachers to familiarise themselves with the employer’s rules and to comply strictly with them. It is also prudent to apply a cautious common sense approach.

Professional reading update: Market-based education reform

Reclaiming the Teaching Profession: Transforming the Dialogue on Public Education by J. Amos Hatch