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Queensland Teachers' Journal

February 2016

Editorial: Latest developments add to a busy 2016

Developments over the Christmas holidays have added to what was already set to be a action-packed year.

Paid parental leave – stripping away support for bubs

The Turnbull government has foreshadowed changes to federal government support of paid parental leave (PPL) which will cut entitlements aimed at supporting babies and their families.

888 – the origins of Labour Day in Queensland

Labour Day in Queensland is 125 years old in 2016. But how did it start?

Highly accomplished teachers – the journey begins

The QTU has commenced negotiations with the Department of Education and Training to meet the state government’s election commitment to introducing the new classification levels of highly accomplished teacher (HAT) and lead teacher (LT) by 2019.

Margaret joins Executive

Margaret Malezer has been elected to Executive, the first person to fill a newly created identified position for an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander member.

Why PPL matters to parents

The federal government’s attack on paid parental leave is likely to have a devastating impact on Queensland parents, and no one knows that better than those who have benefitted from the existing arrangements. (5 Feb 2016)

2016 IPS announced

The 2016 round of Independent Public Schools (IPS) has been announced following a comprehensive selection process based on a new methodology.

Yeronga SHS teachers make history

Teachers at Yeronga State High School have made QTU historyby becoming the first members to take industrial action over a human rights issue.

From the President: The three certainties of life

The only certainties in life are death and taxes. While that is hard to argue with, there is, however, another certainty in life: that, come the end of January each year, students will pour through the gates of Queensland state schools.

Autism hub proposed

The QTU has welcomed a Palaszczuk government proposal to establish an autism hub as a part of its commitment to strengthen learner-centred approaches.

NDIS: the impact on schools

The QTU gave in-principle support to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), but this was qualified by concerns over the impact on schools.

From the VP: Curriculum, teaching and assessment – our voices must be heard

In the final school days of 2015, Education Minister Kate Jones made a welcome announcement confirming that she had requested work to commence on identifying the “core” of the Australian Curriculum.

Prep year to be compulsory

The QTU has welcomed plans to make a full-time prep year compulsory from 2017.

Growing power in the workplace

Our strength in the workplace relies on membership growth and members taking on the important role of Workplace QTU Representative.

EB8: Draft claim goes to members for consideration

Following member input at the end of last year, the QTU has drafted a proposed claim for membership consideration.

Award modernisation - what’s in an award anyway?

The award modernisation process in the schools sector is almost complete.

Know your working conditions

The first step towards easing your workload burden is getting to know exactly what your obligations are. Here are some of the fundamental conditions most frequently raised by members when approaching the Union.

“Whistler” staffing: the good, the bad and the possible breaches

While the Whole School Support – Student Learning Resource (WSS-SLR), commonly referred to as the “Whistler” staffing allocation, fas benefits, there are issues.

Kicking off a year of Gonski action

2015 was a big year for Gonski campaigners, but 2016 will prove to be even bigger as support continues to grow in numbers and we seek commitments in the lead-up to a federal election.

The crucial role of QTU Area Councils

Across the state, each region has a local QTU Area Council providing a forum for branches and activists to raise matters of importance with the State Council and Executive of the Union.

Training ombudsman to be established

The Queensland Government is seeking to permanently establish a training ombudsman to provide Queensland VET consumers with a sector-specific independent complaints mechanism.

Much achieved in TAFE, but much remains to be done

2015 was a big year for TAFE, with a new state government going some way to relieving the pressure on the public VET provider. However, challenges remain.

Gender diversity through building culture and embedding practices

Queensland state schools committed to remaining “free from homophobic and transphobic bullying", and "safe and inclusive for the whole school community” can access the support of the Safe Schools Coalition.


Marriage leave / flexible student free days / recency of practice

National New Educators Conference

The 2015 National New Educators Conference provided an opportunity for early career educators from across the country to discuss how best to engage and support early-career teachers in both their professional and union activities.

Legal: The challenges of online defamation

Queensland Teachers' Journal, Vol 121 No 1, 5 February 2016, p.28