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Queensland Teachers' Journal July 2016

Editorial: For a good EB agreement, vote YES in both ballots

You are being balloted on industrial action in two ballots, a protected industrial action ballot conducted by the ECQ, and a QTU ballot on what that action should be. It is important that yo vote yes in both.

State Budget: education a priority

On Tuesday 14 June, Treasurer Curtis Pitt delivered the Palaszczuk government’s second budget.

From The President: Save TAFE now

In the aftermath of a federal election in which much was made of economic management and pandering to the “big end of town”, one massive issue was largely ignored: the future of TAFE.

QTU introduces online training

The QTU has introduced live online training to its education and training program for QTU Reps and activists.

Consultation is essential to 2016 IPS selection process

Consultation should be the priority for any schools considering becoming an Independent Public School (IPS).

From the VP: Loving your work and wanting better working conditions are not mutually exclusive

The dedicated and professional teachers and school leaders behind the Gonski campaign love their students, they love their schools, they love their communities, and that's why. They were dedicated to the campaign.

UNESCO conference focuses on sexual bullying

The International Ministerial Meeting on Education Sector Responses to Violence Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity has been held at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris,

Why language teachers leave

A study has been conducted to better understand why some language teachers have long and prosperous careers, while others leave after a short period.

Curriculum crowding report imminent

The Education Minister has received the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) report addressing the overcrowded P-10 Curriculum and its implementation in Queensland.

The LCC - not just another committee

The LCC is the local consultative committee, a union/management committee responsible for effective change management within the school. How this is achieved is inherent in its name – through consultation.

National TAFE Day 2016

For the two weeks starting 13 June, Queensland TAFE employees and students joined with the QTU to celebrate National TAFE Day.

TAFE award finally modernised - now on to EB ...

The TAFE modern award was made on 9 Junec. Called the TAFE Queensland Award – State 2016, it covers all TAFE Queensland employees, not just educational staff (as the pre-modern award did).

Catholic teachers secure agreement

Following an extensive campaign, Queensland Catholic school teachers reached an agreement with their employers in early June.

EB8: $100,000 teacher salaries … not quite!

The state government is holding fast to its wages policy, with only 2.5 per cent being offered in EB negotiations. This would make Queensland teachers the second lowest paid in Australia.

Creativity, determination and tenacity: learning from students

Time and again we are reminded of those dedicated teachers in our midst who go the extra mile to ensure their students can access and enjoy their classroom experience.

Walk Together Toowoomba

The performing talents of students from schools across the Toowoomba area are being harnessed to demonstrate what acceptance and cultural diversity can bring to their local community.

QTU Women’s Conference 2016

More than 100 rank and file QTU women from across Queensland chose to spend the first day of their school holidays exploring the 2016 QTU Women’s Conference theme of “Claim the Space”.

Recruitment: tips from those in the know

Recruitment is essential to the future success of our Union. Here a pair of members with a proven track record of securing the benefits of Union membership for their colleagues offer some sage advice.

Returning to work from family leave

Exploring some of the key provisions underpinning flexible work values, the legislation that enacts them and the department’s commitment as captured in the code of conduct and encapsulated in policy.


Non-contact time

Teaching in rural Queensland

Starting off in the profession can be a daunting and uncertain time for new teachers. Teaching in rural Queensland offers both stability and opportunity.

Legal: Former student awarded damages against teacher abuser

On 20 July 2015, a New South Wales Supreme Court judge awarded a former student damages of $1.228 million against her former teacher for sexual abuse.

Same people, same great legal assistance – different shingle

From 1 July, the QTU’s legal assistance scheme will be provided through Holding Redlich Lawyers.