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Queensland Teachers' Journal

June 2016

Editorial: Support the ballot for EB industrial action

On 1 June, the QTU will lodge an application for a ballot to undertake protected industrial action as part of the enterprise bargaining campaign.

Recent influences on the State Budget

Queensland’s State Budget will be announced on Tuesday, 14 June.

Survey reveals "State of Our Schools" in 2016

Teachers are reporting bigger workloads than ever and schools are finding it harder to retain staff, the Australian Education Union’s 2016 State of Our Schools survey has found.

From the President: No better investment than education

The battle lines for the 2016 federal election had been drawn long before the Prime Minister called the election for 2 July, and education is a headline issue.

EB8: Formal bargaining commences

The Department of Education and Training (DET) has tabled its list of issues for negotiation, marking the formal beginning of EB8 bargaining.

TAFE award modernisation and EB

The department delays TAFE award modernisation and the commencement of EB negotiations.

From the VP: We must be in it to win it

The QTU is not affiliated with any political party and that’s why, from time to time, colleagues question me about why our Union would take a campaigning position on a range of political and industrial issues.

Don’t let the bus run hold you hostage

It has become increasingly apparent that rural schools are being disadvantaged by school bus schedules that do not meet the needs of schools and students.

School leaders and Union activism: a great mix

Some school leaders shy away from Union activism in the mistaken belief that it could impact adversely on their career. In fact, the opposite is true.

Federal Election 2016: The future of the Gonski reforms hangs in the balance

With the first double dissolution election in almost 30 years almost upon us, it is time to take stock of the best chance the Gonski schools funding model has of being delivered.

Federal Election 2016: Coalition policy - Gonski? What Gonski?

The Coalition government’s document “Quality Schools, Quality Outcomes” confirmed that it remains wedded to the “deficit education myth” that puts control of schools, teachers and principals ahead of resources and support.

Federal Election 2016: Federal Budget 2016 – 2017

The 2016 Federal Budge offered little to suggest that a future Coalition government would be any more pro-public education than the current one.

Federal Election 2016: Mandatory detention

Over the past year, the QTU has been at the forefront of the trade union campaign to end mandatory detention.

Federal Election 2016: QTU candidates

Three current or former QTU members are standing in the 2016 federal election.

Federal Election 2016: Vote for TAFE

Going into the 2016 federal election, the QTU has expressed clear policy outcomes it is fighting to achieve for TAFE and VET.

Federal Election 2016: Workers' rights at risk

The Abbott/Turnbull government has overseen a range of attacks on workers’ rights.

EB and temporary teachers: unity delivers

Temporary teachers frequently benefit from QTU EB campaigns, and EB8 is set to be not different.

Why not go bush?

Applications for transfer are now open for your consideration. What is holding you back from the time of your life?

Great libraries need great teacher-librarians

A campaign to find Australia’s best school libraries has confirmed that great libraries need qualified teacher-librarians.

South Sunshine Coast new educators and mentors gather

The inaugural South Sunshine Coast New Educators and Mentoring Beginning Teacher (MBT) Coordinators Cluster meeting held at Narangba Valley State High School.


LCCs / excursions and camps

Legal:Calling your doc on the day means workcover pay

A Queensland teacher has had her WorkCover claim confirmed as valid - and a timely consultation with her doctor was a key factor in the decision.